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Short Review:

This site is one in the rather delicious line up from Phoenixxx which means were going to be getting exclusive movies, and pics, hot guys and a nicely interactive interface when we sign in. I know that because I have seen their sites before and I really like the way they work. You sign up for one and get to access content from four sites, plus bonuses, so you also get very nice value for money.
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Price Details:

Trial 4.95
Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


My Husband Is Gay has 71 scenes under its belt so far and hey deal with that fantasy of straight and married guys doing gay sex. You now the kind of thing: next door neighbour is straight best friend and when the wife is away he is tempted but has never quite gone all the way. Until one afternoon when he is really horny and she has not been putting out, his best mate next door says hell let him use his ass as a jizz depository and so away we go. Its hot stuff and very erotic at times, but also nicely hardcore and very easy to access.

Sign up and log in and you will see recent updates from all sites featured on the home page. This is one way of looking at your full collection of 325 exclusive scenes in the network. But use the Phoenixxx Videos drop down list in the main menu and select the site you want to find, its specific movies are then set out for you. You will find that when you do this you can also mix and match all vids from all sites, but here we are just looking at the 71 that are under the heading of My Husband Is gay.

Not all of them are action or story or porn scenes, there are some interviews mixed in with this number. But you still have plenty to see. The movies are set out on index pages which is standard, and also very neatly set out making browsing simple. There are good sample images, and these change when you put your pointer over them, there are descriptions and easy links to the viewing, the pictures and the add to favourites function. You will also see members' rates, and run times and other small details. Click to view now and you come to a well set out viewing page where you have up to five choices to stream and seven to download. You've got Mp4 files here up to1080p and thus high definition and good quality movies. But you can also stream in those choices so the site is suitable for all kinds of connections. The default, mid-range stream is perfect at full size, the download speed is good, there are good runtimes, good quality filmmaking, great looking models and everything is exactly the kind of quality we expect from this top company.

Movies tend not to hang around in the opening scenes. The ones I saw were more or less straight into the sex, and that can take some of the sting out of the fantasy. But it dos also mean you get straight into the hot hardcore with chiselled and manly hunks, as these guys tend to be. You can check the model index and find all the models from all of the sites, but in My Husband Is Gay were looking at the likes of hunky Mitch Vaughn and black stud JP Richards. There are interracial scenes here, smooth guys but not twinks, and many believable straight models too. Its a nice mix and yes, there is some fantasy behind the hardcore as well, it's a bit hit and miss as to whether you get a storyline, but more hit than miss, and there are descriptions to set scenes up where any kind of acted intro is missing.

You click over to the images from the videos viewing page and find good numbers of action shots that click up over the page to images scaled down to screen size from 1,000 x 667 in size. These are also good quality and there is usually an image set with each video.

So, good quality content, it stays on the theme of straight guys and gay guy, and hardcore fuck-fest, there are many viewing options, images and you have a big stock of content throughout the network, with interviews as well. Updates are happening at least every week as well.

Features & Navigation:

There are many neat additional features at this site and all the sites in the network. For a start you have drop-down lists of sites and when you get to a sites video you can then select content from other sites to mix in, or see it on its own; there are also lists of models to filter by and category lists, with a general search engine running as well. Finding content is easy. And then each scene comes with a comments facility, you can add it to your favourites area, there are rates to give and lots of information. There are also descriptions to read, and linked tag words plus ideas for the next scene to go and view.

In the model index, you find some details about each guy and you can also write your own comments about them as you click through them. The model index is network-wide so you find you can easily slip from one set of videos to another via a model who may appear in several. You actually slip form one site to the other easily as well, and there is a page of sites to show you what each one is about. You have an account area to check up your membership status and here you can make up your own profile, see other members' profiles and even, when watching videos, cut and paste clips into playlists.

Add in your two bonus networks (Gay Life and Boy Crush) and your bonus videos (38 feed sites) and the fact that you have regular updates, and you really do have just about everything you could possibly want from a members' area and a good site.


Take a look at the sign up pages for any special offers, there are trials but I am not sure if they are limited, but grab a membership. This is one of the best up and coming networks around at the moment. In My Husband Is Gay you have the best of with exclusive scenes, hot models, good variety, interviews, action, galleries, interactive options and many extras and bonuses. It is all interactive and fun to view and use and highly recommended.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Good quality
+ Great viewing options
+ Bonus sites
+ Extras
+ Interactive
+ Good value

- Only 71 scenes so far
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