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Out Him is part of the Gay Room collection of sites and takes reality as its theme. The crew go out with the camera and hunt down guys who are living secret straight lives, and then prove that they are really gay or something like that. There is a mix of this kind of TV show approach and solo jerk of videos and a collection of galleries with each one, and it's all great quality and exclusive. You've also got your bonus sites to play with and regular updates, so good value all around.
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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


I've just watched one of the Out Him movies and it's fairly realistic. Maybe I'm being cynical here but The crew found a couple on the street and accused him, in front of her, of being a closet gay, or a guy who likes sex with other men. She acted pretty well but he was a bit lost for words, so maybe it was real. Anyway, it wasn't long before they were back in the bedroom (that's the crew and him) and the hardcore anal scene started. I watched another where the main man was interviewed for a while, played with himself, put on a cock ring and did a great cum shot. In another, a sexy hunk was simply talking direct to camera before his solo, as if he'd recorded this session, posted it to a social networking site and then Out Him had downloaded it (as the tour suggests). However, in scenes like this it's pretty clear this is just a set up, though it's a very convincing and horny one.

I think the thing is that you need to start at the beginning of these movies to catch their originality as, after the initial set up, they tend to become like your average hardcore or solo scenes, and you need to listen out for any chat that goes on to make them work.

Having said that, I am not putting them down, they are very well made, realistic and great quality visually. In fact the HD version is so good that you're going to need to be on a fast connection to get a seamless buffer on your stream. Or else, set it running pause and then wait for it to buffer before playing. You can also download in three file types and the files I saw were around 200Mbs in size, though the scenes were only around 10 minutes or so long. But as I say, it's good quality and there are no complaints about content, visuals, sound or presentation.

I did find a lot of missing images in the galleries and on some of the index pages though. You will see some X boxes showing where images should be, and this meant that some full size images didn't appear when their thumbnails were clicked. Mind you, as there are hundreds of digital pics and hundreds of screen caps you will have no trouble finding some pics that you will want to collect.

There were 38 of these reality scenes and although they didn't look like the kind of thing the tour has suggested, i.e. taken from Facebook and so on, they were well made, well produced, easy to access and clear in terms of quality, Good fun and sexy too. And then, after you've seen these, you can click over to Damn That's Big for some hard cock, huge cock, hardcore; to Gay Violations to see some sexy, silly pranks with lots of straight cock and ass on show, and to Massage Bait which is full of horny hunky guys getting a massage and a fuck in some very erotic scenes. Or you can go to your main portal page at Gay Room and see the whole collection in one hot place.

Features & Navigation:

You will have no trouble navigating around Out Him or around the network. You have a top menu that hosts a drop-down list of sites and when clicked these open in the same window and the same format. You can see all the scenes from the network in one place, or you can use the guys good pics in the model index to guide you around the content. There are also links in the menu to a set of categories, a search page, some live cam and dating site up sell suggestions, and to some special deals on joining other sites. There is also a search facility on your home page plus top lists and features.

The sample pics are all clear and the descriptions are written in decent English and make sense, you've got linked tag words so you can easily find similar content to the scene you are viewing, and you get to rate things as you go through. All the good and standard interactive features are there. The pages also open nice and fast, though the download speed is not that quick, and everything works well. Apart from some missing images as I mentioned above.

So, you have no concerns about using this members area, it's got things for you to play with, it's well designed and set out and it has a good, user friendly interface.


It is up to you as to whether these are real videos or set ups, or a mix of both but Id say that, because the quality is so good, they are studio/professionally made. But they stay on theme with straight looking guys doing gay stuff, if having a jerk off at home is gay another point that's up for discussion. But the quality is good, the site is easy to access, it's all exclusive, you get treated well, you get good value and lots of extras to view; and the updates are regular.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Easy to use and navigate
+ Hot guys who may well be straight
+ Regular updates
+ Bonus site access

- Lots of missing images
- Some movies are not so reality
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