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Penis Palooza claims that they are the first gay party site on the net, so if your looking for originality and you love your gay porn then this is where it's all at, it's all 100% real and exclusive with weekly updates, so if you just can't get enough hardcore uncensored boy on boy action then you'll absolutely love this site, check it out now!
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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


Gay reality porn, now theres something you don't see much of, so if your sick of the same boring old gay scenes and looking for a bit of originality, then this site won't disappoint. If you want to see what goes on behind closed doors and sometimes not so closed doors at gay night clubs and parties, then this is the site your looking for, currently there are only 10 episodes available, so members might find themselves running out of content to view within a couple of weeks, maybe even days depending on how much porn an individual member goes through on a daily basis, it's a good thing that the site promises weekly updates, lets just hope that they are true to their word and follow up with their promise, otherwise they'll end up with some angry gay customers, demanding for more porn!

Now the quality of their content is pretty standard as far as reality content goes, most of the scenes were shot in nightclubs and parties, so you'll notice that the lighting is a little on the darker side, but you can still distinguish what goes on and that's what matters most. Video content is available in mpg and wmv format, each of the scenes have been cut into shorter, equally sized chapters to better accommodate for customers with slow internet connections, members then have the further option of selecting which quality of the video they wish to download, the qualities range from high, medium and low, the difference in quality and file sizes is quite noticeable between the different video qualities, needless to say the lower quality videos are really only there for slow net connections, the actual viewing quality of the video files is pretty much what you would expect from amateur reality content, it's a little dark and the camera can get a bit shakey at times but other then that they aren't too bad.

All of their episodes come with picture galleries, in these galleries you'll find a good amount of video captures taken from that scene, again the quality of these vidcaps is what you'd expect from reality porn, but I have to say that the media team has done a decent job in keeping blurring and awkward angles to a minimum, the vidcaps tend to be a little pixelated, but this is expected as they are vidcaps taken from reality porn scenes, lets just put it this way, they aren't the best but they certainly won't make your eyes bleed.

Some great gay reality content to be seen here and I have to give them credit for their originality, to bad there are only 10 episodes available, lets wait a couple of months till I do an updated review and see if they do a little better as far as content numbers go.

Features & Navigation:

The development team of this site have done a great job in keeping navigation simple and straight forward, everything you could ever want from this page can be accessed from the main members area, so you can usually find what you want within a few simple clicks, no stuffing around with fancy navigational tools or search engines as they are pretty much unnecessary to this site.

On arriving at their main members page the first thing you'll come across is a picture link to their latest uploaded episode, which is currently episode 10, just below this picture link is a thumbnail taken from the episode they intend to upload next, there isn't any information on when they plan to upload this episode, but if they stick to their promise with an update each week, we should see this episode up in a couple of days.

You'll come across the thumbnail links to the individual episodes in the middle section of the main members page, these thumbnails are hand picked vidcaps from that particular scene, so it should give you a good indication on what you could expect to see in that scene, clicking on a thumbnail link will take you to that episode's information and downloads area, from here you can access that episodes picture gallery and the many video files available for download. Members also have the option of streaming their videos, which is becoming more and more popular, due to the faster internet connections available nowadays.

At the very bottom of the main members area are links to the other gay sites on their network, currently there are only 2 gay sites including Penis Palooza, so there isn't a whole lot to choose from, if your a gay guy who doesn't mind watching a bit of straight sex then you can find links to their other sites towards the top of the main members area, these links can be found in the drop down menu adjacent the latest update link, there is a wide array of different sites to choose from, all with their unique niche, so if you need a break from all that gay ass ploughing, these sites should keep you busy for awhile.

There's not much else I can say for this section of my review, as the site's navigation interface is very basic, why can't all sites be this easy to navigate?!


Originality is the main thing this site has going for it, when it comes to the amount of content they have though they are a little on the low side and this is the only aspect which lets the site down, all the makings of a good site is here, easy navigation, eye pleasing layout, they just need to concentrate on getting more videos up and running.

Pros & Cons

+ Easy to navigate
+ Great gay reality content
- Small amount of content
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