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What did we do before mobile phones and home camcorders came along? There were certainly very few self-submit and BF style sites around. These days there's an absolute barrage of them and you can't get away from sites like See My BF, so why should we be recommending this one to you? Well, for a start there is a lot of content here, it's a very good price and you get to send in your own stuff as well if you want to. And then you find there are daily updates and all kinds of hot amateurs.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 72/100

Detailed Review:


I would say it is non-exclusive but what I would mean is that the majority of it isn't, there will be some things here that will only be found on this site, if you send them in and then don't send them anywhere else. I don't think that this site will outstrip places like Gaydar or even Mand8 for that club, community feel, there are no live cams and no chat for a start, but it is doing well for homemade style pics and clips of all kinds of guys, better than a lot of the many BF style sites that have hit the net in recent years.

When I was in the site there had been several recent updates, in fact there had been two on the day of my visit and five the day before, and five the day before that. If that schedule keeps going this will soon be one of the bigger BF style sites around. There were already 618 videos and 1,028 galleries with up to 10 pics each. Images often click up to good sizes, around 750 x 1,000 and the videos tend to stay around the 640 x 480 size with various bit rates, I found some at 3,000 kbps and others that were lower. The thing with his kind of site and content is that the quality is going to be varied. Everyone is submitting their own content from their own phones, or iThings and so the quality is never really going to be full HD or anything like that.

But just as the quality is varied so are the guys and the action, and that makes for pretty compulsive viewing. There were solo guys here aplenty with all shapes and sizes of men and their cocks; some jerking off at home, some while half dressed, some were pissing into bottles, and cumming into glasses, some were fully naked. There are couples sucking and rimming and fucking as well, and not always at home or indoors. There are light scenes and darker ones, some that are perfectly clear and others that are grainy. And in the photos area you find the same kind of variety and loads of self-shot pics of guys from 18 upwards taken in the mirror and doing all kinds of sexy stuff.

Exactly as you would expect on an amateur, send in your own, BF style site, so that is good. You only get one go at a stream though, there are no choices of other players, and only the one usually Mp4 download, but that's it. So your viewing choices are a bit limited. But your content isn't.

There is one word of warning about joining the site and that is: there are three new sites around at the moment and they seem to be sharing the same content, or at least some of it. Check out Watch Dudes and Men Bucket as they look exactly the same, are from the same company, and have the same content, or at least some of it. You can't flick from one to the other, this is not a network and that makes me think that they are three separate sites that are actually more or less the same.

But apart from that: you get a shed load of horny amateur stuff at See My BF and for a very reasonable price as well. The multiple daily updates are another draw, and if you're into swapping pics and videos then this is good a place for you to check out.

Features & Navigation:

It is that function that allows you to upload your own pics and vids that makes this (these) BF site different from so many that are jumping on the current bandwagon. There is a page dedicated to your uploads and a decent form to fill out when you submit. It still goes through a moderator so it's not instant but it does mean that you can get as involved as you want to when you join the site. You don't have to send in your content, but if you do there are areas where you an easily check out what you have already sent.

And that is found in the More area on the top menu; here you can also make up a very basic profile by adding an avatar. The rest of the main menu consists of links to home videos and galleries so that's easy enough. Index pages hold good sized sample shots so you can see more or less what is going to be happening in each video or gallery, and things come with basic titles. There are also some interactive options on the viewing page: you can hit a Like button, report any issues and rate the clip or gallery. There are ways you can help add tags and you are also able to write comments. Images for related videos at the bottom of pages help you find more content.

There are also categories set out to the right and the videos and galleries are arranged by, for example: Bears, Jerking Off, Self Shots and Twink, among several others. You are also able to see top lists and lists of whats been recently updated. So, all in all, a simple members' area that should not pose any technical problems, it has a simple design that works and looks clear and reasonably uncluttered, though there are a couple of adverts dotted about.


See My BF is essentially the same as at least two other sites currently under review, and very similar to many more that are leaping the reality, BF, home shot, self-submit style that's a current trend. But this one, like only a few others, allows you to get fully involved by sending in your own content. It's got a lot here already, it is adding updates every day, the site is simple and easy to use and yet interactive, and I had no issues with it at all. Loads of amateurs, and good value.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of content
+ Daily updates
+ Submit your own
+ Good value
+ Easy to use
+ Interactive

- Varied quality
- Limited viewing options
- Not a lot of info
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