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Short Review:

Straight Lads Exposed is one of those honest and upfront sites that all voyeurs really like to find. You've got here a site that shows only home footage, some clips from certain TV shows but not many, little clips taken on mobile phones and the like, and clips all about real amateur, ordinary lads doing daft things, usually with their dicks and asses. It's a kind of hang-out for the chavs and lads, and for all us pervy folk who like to see real straight-lad dick.
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Our total rating: 61/100

Detailed Review:


You should check out the join page and read the honest and upfront message that's written there. This tells you that the site aims to update 10 new videos or pics a day, though some days this will be 11 and some days nine. They also tell you exactly what this content is, and how the quality will vary. Because much of it is from mobile phones and the like, the quality can be a bit rough; which is another way of saying not great. They also tell you that the movies all run in Flash files so are not suitable for some Apple applications, but there are work-arounds and so on. The point being that the site is, from the start, honest and we like that.

As for the actual content. Well, there were a couple of confusing dates on the home page. The latest news was dated four months before my visits and it stated that, at the last count of content (one month before my visit), there were 10,000 videos and 62,000 images. I am not disputing that except that when I called in yesterday to get the screen shots there were different images on the home page and it looks like ten more videos/galleries have been added overnight. So, with that content count being a month old, at least, I reckon there is even more content here than the home page states.

Actually I can count up: 24 videos per page and 249 page = 5,976 videos; and 24 galleries per page with nine pages and lets say 100 pics per gallery 21,600 photos, so those numbers on the home page don't exactly add up. But the point here is that there is a lot of content to view and collect.

And it's varied to say the least. You've got exactly what you came in for and that is: loads of straight lads, often drunk, flashing and pissing, and messing around at frat parties and stag nights, on the street, in the clubs and bars and generally being loutish straight boys showing off their dicks. Nice. You've also got some gay footage, you might call it, with strippers at clubs, amateur strippers getting BJs from the crowd, and some genuine gay guy home videos. You've also got sportsmen showing things off, on and off the pitch, and in the showers and locker rooms; the kind of fare that many voyeur sites rely on. There is a section for kilts, at east there is at least one gallery dedicated to the male version of up-skirt content with hung guys, and some tiddlers, popping out of kilts.

Army locker rooms are a bit of a turn on, as are the clips from some TV shows (the reality ones, but not the obvious ones, and there are not too many of them). Even just the guys naked on boats get to be a turn on after a while. And then you've got the bizarre ones. I mean, why would anyone set fire to their pubes or their nuts? These lads do this kind of thing all the time it seems.

So, a neat set of content, the videos stream in Flash and the quality is as you'd expect: not always wonderful but there you go. The images are all varied in quality but acceptable and you really do have a great and fun, slightly horny, time when you call in to see these Straight Lads Exposed.

Features & Navigation:

You have various ways of navigating the content in the members area here: You can simply us the Video tab in the menu to find the index pages carrying the videos, and browse through one page at a time. You can do the same with the galleries too. Or you can use the Browse tab in the menu which takes you to a page with loads of different categories to check out. These range from Accidents to Wrestlers and there are some pretty obscure categories in the list, all well worth checking out.

And there is also a list of Lads, though this is very hit and miss as you don't know who the guys are. The site has gone to the trouble of listing all the lads, and there are thousands of them, so you've got page after page of names: Stupid Murphy, Swedish Students, Gary, whoever they may be, plus the occasional name perhaps; all arranged in alphabetical order. So, navigation is fine and simple and actually quite good fun too.

You are also able to comment on the videos and photos, and rate them, and you have a Favourites storage area, so all the basic and good interactive functions are there. You also have use of a generic search box where you can enter keywords and see what pops up. Add on the links to help and contact and you've got a functional, simple and fun to use members area that presents no problems.


There is something very addictive about Straight Lads Exposed, something that makes you want to stay and just click another clip before you go, which means you end up in here for hours at a time. Which is fine as there is a lot to see. I cant verify the promised numbers exactly, but I can certainly say there is a lot here and the updates do appear to be happening as promised. The quality is varied and sometimes actually bad, but that is what you must expect. But you're going to love it.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of straight lads naked content
+ An easy site to use
+ Frequent updates
+ Good fun and sometimes horny

- Expect the quality to be a bit rough at times
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