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Short Review:

If you want to escape into fantasy land and have your imagination well and truly boosted then you should take a look at this huge toon site. Its great. The artwork is fabulous, the stories and illustrations are varied, you have animations with soundtracks, solo drawings, couples in action, fantasy drawings, 3D animations, on-going comic strip stories and after all that there are some real guys in video clips and neat galleries too.
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Our total rating: 60/100

Detailed Review:


Well, I hardly know where to start! Inside All Gay Toons you have more than just gay cartoons, comic strips and artwork. There are galleries, stories and movies too but as were here for the toon content well start with that. There are 12 different areas that contain toons and drawings so Ill take each in turn and outline what I find inside:

Toon Archive: 432 individual drawings over 48 pages. Drawings were 455 x 620 in size and covered many a different situation. There were lots of Hentai style drawings and Anime with oriental guys with strange colour hair being shafted rotten by their mates. Plus lots of other set ups too, more down to earth and realistic drawings of guys in suits with impossibly huge cocks, hard core action as well as solo images. A great collection of well produced and varied artwork.

Hot Rod Comics: 213 episodes of a on-going comic strip that featured Hot Rod, a young horny stud who, each week, gets up to some naughty but short adventures. Again the drawings are good, its a different style, hand-drawn this time and the sex is wet and messy with guys on guys each week and plenty of imaginative fantasy situations.

Art by Robert Young: There were six galleries here, by the same artist. There were some great black and white drawings and some fantastic colour ones too. There was humour, some intergenerational suggestive images and various other fantasies were explored. There were also some nice takes on old advertisements which brought a smile.

Miscellaneous Artworks. Just like it sounds, a mixed bag of all sorts. Five galleries with a varying amount of images in each one. Some solo drawings, come action sets, some more kinky fetish drawings and several different styles. Some were better than others, in my opinion but thats the trouble with art, what I like you may not, so all I can really say is that they were good quality. The images were a good enough size and loaded quickly and everything was well drawn, it was just the styles that varied.

Flash Animations: There were 10 of these. They are simple drawings that move on a loop so a guy is wanking his cock up and down, a guy is fucking another one in and out as someone watches, that kind of thing. Short but sweet.

3D Movies: There were four of these and you can download them. They work in the same way as on line movies using Windows Media Player and having a soundtrack like a cartoon series on TV but harder. The lower quality ones played in 480 x 360 size at 322 kbps and the higher ones in 480 x 360 at 1030 kbps. They each came with a picture gallery of stills from the animation and as for storylines: well anything goes really. Superheroes with enormous cocks fuck and suck their way around the world kind of gives a flavour.

3D Comics: this area had eight comics, which took the form of computer generated, large sized images that took you through a complete story. Each story included a fair amount of gay sex of course and theres more great work to be seen in this area.

Passion Comics by Robert Young: more of Roberts great drawings here with 64 pages of erotic and hardcore, expertly drawn gay sex scenarios. Dipping in I found the guys to tend towards the younger jocks at college, with scenes taking place in the frat house and on campus. There was an on-going love story between student and coach which was both romantic, fun and sexy at the same time. Well worth a read.

Illustrated Stories: Ten text and illustrations here by different writers and artists. Each story of a decent length and well written came with one illustration. Nice pics, worth collecting.

3D Series: more 3D effect drawings; 32 galleries that tell short stories in pictures, those computer generated ones that somehow almost look real. Again more sex and some fun scenarios plus some more fantastical set ups.

Erotic games: six arcade games but this time with an erotic feel naked guys and so on.

Toon Series: finally nine short stories told in images. Various kinds of guys from younger to older are depicted in these shorts and the images are a good size and load up nice and quickly.

Features & Navigation:

As for the rest of the content on the site: there are 56 erotic short stories in the story library. Each one opens on its own page and you can read them on line; they are well written and cover a variety of storylines.

It feels like you are moving into the real world suddenly when you open the picture gallery page. There are real people! It fees a bit odd after looking at all those drawings and animations. There are 11 galleries here featuring mainly younger, smoother hunks and jocks in solo and action sets. They were good sized pics and well taken photos. Not exclusive I guess but a nice collection none the less.

There were over 200 movies in the move gallery area of the site. Again youthful and sporty, hunks and jocks in solo and couple action clips. 320 x 240 @ 270 kbps was about the average for the playing details which means not great quality but quick to download or stream. Just click through the gallery pages until you find something you like the look of and then click the thumbnail. If you want to stream youll have to enter your login details but downloading is easy and quick. Its not a great collection I have to say but then we are here for the drawings not the movies.

Also on the main menu you will see three other links: Military Guy Live takes you to a new window and a site with lots of sexy guys in face pics and thumbnails. This is a web cam site and there is a schedule to show you who will be on line when; when they are there they are available for private chat and youll have to pay to get involved but its a good looking site and should be fun to view. There are also links to another live show with the same kind of set up and one to a dating and personals site again with some free content and activity but youll have to pay to go in further.

Getting around this massive site is very easy the navigation is well taken care of. Even in the middle of a gallery somewhere you will find links back to the main page or to the features page. The only thing missing for me were individual pages for the individual images, I had to close and open rather than being able to next my way through if you see what I mean. Some slideshows would have been good too. But over all the site is neat and clean and easy to use.


Blimey! Theres a whole load of content and features at All Gay Toons and on the whole its great quality and you get great value for money. The majority of the content stays with the toon, drawings and animation theme which is brilliant. There are some great artists at work here who have an eye for the erotic as well as the hard-core element and if youre a lover of toons and fantasy drawings then this has got to be one of the best, if not the best, toon site around.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of content
+ Excellent artwork
+ Varied content
+ Erotic and hard-core
+ Easy to use
- Navigating the individual pics a pain at times
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