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Boys First Time is fast becoming a classic site; its been here for a long time and is here to stay. It just gets better and better with its weekly updates of original and exclusive content. The guys in the well made videos and galleries are hot, young and hung and there is nothing here that disappoints. Its easy and fun to use, you have great viewing options and hours, no days, worth of hard-core video viewing. This is not a site to be overlooked.
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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


You will see from the members home page that you have a great deal of content to view at Boys First Time and it is mainly based around the theme of young guys trying gay sex for, well, for the first time! There are 235 videos, at least there should be more by the time you visit the site and by clicking the "view all" link on the first page you will get to the content index. There are no separate areas for videos and pictures as the episodes have these links on their introductions; so to view the pics, vids or screencaps you simply use the link that is next to the good sized thumbnail that shows you the guys who will appear in the episode.

Some of these are solo guys and others have two or more sexy young things in action scenes. Viewing each scene is made really easy for you with a good choice of options: First you can stream or download the whole episode in one go, if you choose this option you will find a 720 x 480 sized movie @ 1.09 Mbs. You could, if you wanted to, watch the movie in three "clips" that I would actually call "parts" as they're a good length. These will stream or download at 480 x 360 @ 540 kbps. And then you can watch the real "clips" that are one minute in length each. The MPG versions of these are 480 x 360 and the dial up and broadband versions play in their own media player on a separate page. Each episode runs for around half an hour and with so many original movies to view you have roughly five days of non-stop viewing here.

The guys themselves are varied and yet all fall into the same young and innocent looking category. The movies tend to start with a short interview with the cast and you get to hear what the guys sound like before the action starts, which is a good way of getting to know the guys who are about to turn you on. You can see how the story will progress by looking at the screencaps that come with each one minute clip or by looking at the screencaps gallery. (Available on the more recent episodes only.) There are hundreds of these in each episodes gallery and the full sized images are 655 x 480, which isn't too bad. For screencaps the images are actually quite clear, unless there is some really fast action being caught on camera in which case the thing that's moving quickly might be a little blurred. The actual images galleries are better, there are less images in each one but the photos were taken with a decent camera and the pictures are very clear and a bigger size, 537 x 800. The only thing that annoyed me slightly with the videos was that you could hear this camera in use during the shoot, and sometimes you could hear the crew behind the camera moving about it takes the edge of the "reality" feel a little but its not a huge problem.

The guys themselves, apart from being young and cute, are varied in looks, hair colour, cock size and so on. Many of the scenes take place indoors, in the privacy of the bedroom or other room in the house but there are some that take place outdoors too. I notice that you can download the photos in zip files so you can easily grab the whole set too.

Membership of Boys First Time comes with the added bonus of the content that is featured on two other sites: Tranny Surprise is all about yes you guessed it, trannies and gay sex and features mainly Latino guys in wild parties and orgy scenes. There are several more hours worth of video and image viewing to be had here and this really is bonus content not just feed sites where you cant download.

Features & Navigation:

Navigation while you are in the episodes individual areas is simple. If you are streaming a clip you can jump to the next scene by using the clip number listed beneath the player or with the previous and next links. You can also jump back to that episodes movie and image index, back to the main home page or over to the list of 25 most popular updates. When viewing the images in the galleries at full size you have forward and back buttons to use as well as links back to the episode or main home page. If in doubt simply click the top banner and you'll get home, so navigating that part of the site is simple.

Sometimes you will be asked to re-enter your username and password; I was asked to do this to stream some of the movies and to enter the bonus sites so keep your details handy. If you don't know where to start your viewing then check out the top 25 updates and see what the favourite scenes on the site are. You can also add any of the episodes or scenes to your own favourites collection at the click of your mouse. There is a link to your collection on the top menu back at the members home page. Here you will also find your access to the bonus sites that I mentioned above and something that says community. This is a great little feature: it links you over to the message board which contains three threads. You can contact other members and generally discuss the site (and others from the same webmasters), you can discuss clubs and bars around the world and also find out where the next Papi party is going to be. Who knows? You could even find yourself ending up in one of these hot videos.

The tab that reads get laid starts of by taking you to a page of thumbnails of guys and their face pics, suggesting that you can meet these horny singles. Click one and you will be taken to a chat and dating site. For some reason I was taken to the straight part of the site (I assume there is a gay one) and lots of busty babes popped up in my face. To browse I had to register and to actually use all the facilities I would have had to sign up and pay a membership fee. This is a link to a suggested site and not a free extra with your Boys First Time membership. Similarly the Specials that are featured on the site include suggested pay sites to view, these are two good sites but not free to you. There are also suggestions for a live cam site again pay to view the sexy stuff and there is a shop where you can get Boys First Time tee shirts.

I am back at the home page for a final check of any other bits and pieces and I notice the update schedule which tells you when you can expect something new. At first glance it looks like a lot but look closer and you'll see that most of the upcoming new content will be for other Reality Kings (the webmasters) straight sites and, as they have many of these, there is more straight content going up than gay. But there will also be updates to your site; looking at the dates on the existing episode I counted one a week, on a Friday. Down at the bottom of the page were links to customer service, video help and a contact page. There is also a link to a comments page so you, as a member, can make suggestions and let the team know what you want from your site.


Boys First Time has been around for quite a while now and it just seems to get better and better. You have a new hot video every week featuring sexy and youthful guys in hard-core and solo action. The movies are well made, easy to view or download, the navigation is easy, the photos are great, hell! Even the screencaps are worth viewing. There are two bonus sites and suggestions for other cam, chat, dating and porn sties too. If you're into the younger end of the market then this site is great.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive material
+ Hot, young guys
+ Great viewing options
+ Excellent quality pics
- Can't think of any cons
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