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Boys On Edge is a new site that's hit the ground running with its exclusive videos and photo sets of some exclusive amateur models. These guys are all 18 to 23 or so, all very sexy in their own ways, and they appear in solo masturbation scenes and hardcore duo action. The site is easy to handle, the tour shows you what to expect from inside, and there's a first-month discount offer that's hard to resist. If you want something new in the twink porn world, then this site is going to suit you.
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It's all about the guys here and there are some very hot and cute, amateur, first time guys to get off with. These models are not all your standard twinks, though they fall into that age range. There are some slim, blonde boys who do look classic, in that sense, and there are others who are more like jocks, college lads and ordinary guys of the 'boy next door' type. Anyone of them could fill a hole between my sheets, or have their hole filled in the same place, if you see what I mean, and it's a very desirable line-up of fresh new talent.

You've got some nicely hung youths here, some who are military guys in real life like James and Dillon, others with tattoos and there's a nice mix of cut and uncut cocks. There's a redhead guy (always good to see) Mickey, there are some sporty jock types in action scenes together and, if I had to choose one guy from the model list of 18 to be my number one Boys On Edge model I would go for Nicko Styles: tall, lithe, hung with a nine-and-a-half incher, good looking, and an all-round perfect amateur model. There are the others of course, and any of them would do just as well as the number one guy on the site. It really is a nice mix of horny younger guys and they're involved in solo work and action scenes.

The site is new so don't expect a huge turnout of content just yet. When you click to the Video link you should find at least 28 scenes, an improvement of four over the last month when I first saw the site. So it looks like updates are going to come in each week. There are also 25 image sets which you find under the photos section.

Looking at technical matters, there is one thing to take into consideration. These are streaming only videos but there is an option to pay some extra and download the files. The intro price is only $9.95 for the first month, as it's a new site, but then the cost increases to $19.95, which is still not a lot for all-exclusive and new content; but when you start adding on download costs, this can soon creep up. However, it's still not a lot to pay for streaming only exclusives. And those exclusives, which are also very good quality, can be streamed in three resolutions. There's a top one of 1,440 x 816, a mid-range one at 960 x 554 and the lower one at 854 x 480. I tried that one at full screen and it was still a good, acceptable quality with no obvious pixilation, so your connection speed should not be an issue. Movies run for around 15 to 20 minutes and look good.

Over in the photos section you find the sets laid out on easy to use index pages, like the video content and then each gallery is set out on thumbnail pages with a short description. Click an image to open the lightbox style viewer and you will find original photos scaled down to 855 x 570 to fit, but the full screen size is at 5,184 x 3,456, which is pretty massive but excellent quality. I found around 30 pics per set and they were all good and sharp and showed off the boys in a great way. You are able to save images individually as you go through them.

There are no other bonuses or extras here, it's all about the Boys On Edge boys alone, or together, and the site is small still, hence the intro price, but it's all original and good quality and, frankly, makes a great change from the normal kind of 'throw it up and hope for the best' twink sites we often see.

Features & Navigation:

Navigating the member area is simple, in fact it's very much as you see it on the tour. You have clear pics, good index pages, the models' names to act as headings with sometimes a title for the videos, such as Milo Kaylan - Experimenting', or 'Dillon's Study Break,' and getting from one page to the next is easy.

Video viewing pages have links to the models and their own index pages so you can see if they appear in anything else, there are descriptions there and you will see a small cloud icon which is where you can pay to download the movie. Though when I clicked this nothing happened. Odd. But I did notice a small date beside each one, so I guess you can find upload dates if you look hard enough. Also on these pages are places where you can rate the guys, photos or scenes, and there are small screen caps at 900 x 500 to guide you through the action.

Members can add things to a favourites area and use a basic search function too, and there's an account area so you can look up your favourites and other things like your subscriptions and your profile. The only downer about the technical side of things and design is a pop-up box asking you constantly to subscribe to a newsletter. Even when I ticked this box it kept appearing; it would be nice to see that go after a while.


Boys On Edge (not sure on the edge of what) is all about straight acting and straight looking, 18 to 23 year old amateur models, some of whom are as dreamy and sexy as you could ever hope to meet. The video quality is excellent with three stream speeds, though you have to pay extra to download. The site updates weekly, it's easy to navigate and looks good, there is some interactivity and you do get good value for money; even better value as the site builds. See it, join it, love it!

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Weekly updates
+ Great amateur models
+ Easy to use
+ HD streams
+ Good quality images

- No bonuses
- Still new and small
- Pay to download
- Pop-up newsletter advert
Click here to visit Boys on Edge and check out the tour.