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Short Review: has been around for several years now and is one of the biggest and best sites for East European youth and sex. But it is more than just videos and galleries. Though there are thousands of these and new ones being added all the time, the site expands beyond the usual to bring you on-going stories, novels, articles, news and is updated every single day. Its like entering a huge cave of gay goodies with smooth and sexy Czech guys taking centre stage.
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Our total rating: 76/100

Detailed Review:


I really don't know where to start. I kind of feel like saying to you, oh just sign up and save me the trouble! But I won't of course and not because I don't want to go and look at everything that has to offer, far from it, I can't wait! It's just that there is so much here I really don't know where to start. But as it's you I'll do my best!

The first thing to grasp is the fact that this huge site is updated daily; it's like getting a new copy of your favorite newspaper or mag in the post every day of the week. It's the kind of site that you set as your home page and every time you turn on your PC something new has appeared. But that's just the front page. Check the top and you'll find the exclusive content.

There is a model list with 345 sexy young guys smiling out at you and tempting you to click them and go further. Do that and you'll get to the kind of page that members dream about. You have the guy's stats, his "boner rating" as defined by other members, you have a list of his contributions to the site, what members are saying about him in the forum, and even a link where you can e-mail him.

Getting into more detail about the content here is how it us arranged: The image galleries are set out according to content so, for example, with David (the 18 year old cuties from Prague that I'm looking at,) I can view his photos arranged in sets of Butt pics, Briefs and Regular non sexual. Then I can view the up close ones of various parts of his fabulous body or I can view the fetish ones, in this case jock strap and socks pics. The kinds of pics you get vary according to the shoot. All guys have full nude shots, stripping and wanking shots, ass, feet, close ups of various parts of their bodies and cum shots, and you can always opt to view the whole set in a slideshow and have the site do the work for you. And you can download the whole lot as a zip file and keep them forever. There are three choices of resolution when you are viewing the (more recent) galleries on line. You can choose three sizes of images with the "low" ones being around the standard you would expect on any porn site and the high ones being 1200 x 1600 in size. All in all the galleries are top notch and you'll be in them for hours.

I should also just mention that the pics are also arranged in fetish galleries with the subject (for example, nipples or butts) being the main thing and all the models who are showing those fetish parts mixed in together.

But I haven't mentioned the videos yet. Go back to the models index, select a sexy young boy and see if he's made a video appearance. If he has it will be listed on his details page and you will have various viewing options to choose from. There are Real Player and Quicktime streaming versions and MPG and AVI files to download. Not all movies have all formats so it's a mix and match situation but there are clear links to help if you need them. You tend to have two choices of file size for the streams here with dial up and Broadband connection speeds taken care of, so no worries there. On each models page you'll see if he is appearing in a solo or action movie and it's simply a question of clicking a link to get what you want. But if you want to jump straight to the action movies there's a link on the top of the main pages.

There were over 100 action movies when I was in the site and these are arranged in their own area. They have titles and you can clearly see the date that they were added to the site and what rating members have given them. These are set indoors and outdoors and they all feature the same smooth and sexy, hunky yet youthful guys that is famous for providing. Each of the video pages also has on it links to the guy's individual pages so you can follow your favorite stud around the site and view all his movies or galleries really easily.

Apart from the exclusive videos and galleries CzechBoys also has a large amount of written content. There are two on-going fantasy dramas, as the site calls them, with an erotic or hard-core episode occurring every chapter. There are four continuing reality dramas with youthful straight guys turning gay for cash and older guys buying them for love and so on. There were 23 original short stories, around 80 others in the archive and even members own submissions. On top of this there are eight novels on the go. These are e-novels, commercially available novels that as a member you don't have to buy though you could find them in a bookshop. The site has a licence to make these available to you in installments on line.

Features & Navigation:

One of the best features about is the CB Private area. Let me explain: although you can sign up for a month and then walk way from the site (why?) you can also sign up for a month and then benefit from a lower membership as time goes by. And, when you have been a member for six months or more you get to access CzechBoys Private. Here you have hundreds more galleries and movies and gorgeous, smooth young East European guys and all are totally exclusive.

Other features of the site include: Featured Columns, for those of you who are interested in the more serious side of life and want to read interesting articles about gay news and life around the world. There are the Forums where you can leave a message, join in with discussions, post your feedback to the webmasters and generally get fully involved in CzechBoy life. You can even talk with some of the guys who appear on the site what more could you want?

Well, you might want a good laugh in which case the Comedy Lounge is on offer with daily jokes, cartoons, articles and even comedy video clips on offer. There are other interesting links and features too like the link to the daily gay blog spot, a whole host of non-exclusive models in the licensed Models area. And when I say a whole host I mean probably hundreds, (I didn't count them all), with thousands of images in good quality galleries. These guys come from all over the world and you have a good mix of European, Latino and others. They are all in the same genre though the 18 to late 20's, they're all cute and naked and it's a great collection that contains as much content in this one area as many websites have in total. In the same vein there are licensed hard-core movies too with duos and threesomes and all kinds of young guy action going on. You get the same stream or download options here and, like everything else on the site, you can cast your vote as to how hot you thought the scenes, movies, gallery or guy was.

And then we come to the list of other features that are not as exclusive or as original as what we have seen already. That doesn't mean they are bad though, far from it the site has collected only the better quality feeds and extras for you. There are 29 Pay Per View channels, seven links to voyeur and on demand cam and dating sites (some parts of which will cost you extra to view), five sets of gallery feeds and over 50 streaming movie theatres. Each of these is set up differently and provides its own kind of content, but you can access them all and enjoy the hours of video entertainment each one has on offer.

And still there is more: there is a link called Diversions which is a page of extras the likes of which you won't normally find on an adult site. There are areas here such as The Inside Scoop where you can read about what goes on in the offices, there are articles on travel and news stores too, and there is a link to the daily poll that you can join in with.

As for getting around this huge, huge site it's actually easier than you might think. Everything is linked well and logically and if you're even in need of the models index which is a good starting place then you'll see the main links stay put in the top banner area. Beneath this are links to help and support and then there is a page marker which tells you what page you are on. The site is designed like a huge magazine with new pages being added every day and it shows you what number page you are on so you can click to the next, or you can select a random page, (which, each time I clicked the link, took me to a new and even more sexy guys page), or if you want you can go back to page one and start from scratch, viewing all the thousands of pages one at a time. By the time you get to the end you will have been a member for well over six months and then you can take advantage of the CB Private area and see that additional content too!

And by the way page one is your members home page which, apart from having all the links and features I just described on it, also has information about what happened today (what ever day you are in the site) in history, today's birthdays and holidays.


One thing I didnt say in all of the above was that all the guys appearing here are gorgeous, young, smooth and toned. Or did I say that? I was so lost in all that content and all those extras features I kind of took it for granted that youd know just how sexy these guys are. Dont be put off by the East European thing this excellent is not like those dubious Russian sites with spotty and skinny models in crap videos. This site is quality all the way.

Pros & Cons

+ Excellent and Exclusive material
+ Sexy, hot 18 30 year old guys
+ Great viewing options
+ Masses of content
+ Daily updates
+ Stories, articles, jokes
+ Membership discounts and benefits
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