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Swallow Boys has a huge archive of images and videos made available by the use of feed sites. You are guaranteed more or less everything and anything with the accent being slightly in favour of younger pretty boys and oral sex. The site gets updated every day as new content comes in and you can set up your own collection of favourite feeds so you can customise your membership. You also get to access material from some excellent sites where you can download the movies and images.
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In the Swallow Boys area of the site youll find six feed sites. This isnt exclusive material but is in fact links to gay adult sites that feature oral sex. Here you can access His First Facial a site that has 24 videos with average looking guys enjoying their first gay sex. The movies are in three minute clips, they feature some very hot action with plenty of oral and some nice facial cum shots at the end. There are also image galleries with these flicks. Oral Elite is a movie theatre where you can find twenty oral clips that play in four different speeds. The guys here were older and hairier which is a nice change. Cock Swallowers had 18 on-line streaming clips and the promise of monthly updates. You could stream the clips in three speeds here so it looks like most of the sites you can access make viewing as easy as possible.

The forth Swallow Boys choice was His First Gay Sex which had over 50 full length movies divided up into clips that streamed in three speeds and three different sized players. Again you could also view the image galleries and the action was great. Lots of boy next door types getting their first taste of a blow job. The images were a god size and quality and showed you the best bits of the action. Fetish Factory is also on your list and this site had twelve scenes to view on line with the emphasis being on cum guzzling and oral action. And finally Oral Boys had a whole host of scenes and clips that streamed on line and again were oral scenes with lots of sweet young guys getting blown. There was even some self-sucking here with thin guys with long cocks able to suck themselves while his mate licked away at his balls. When youre done with these sites you can easily jump back to the home page or any area on the top menu.

There are various types of media players used throughout the site and you may need extra plug-ins to get them to work. There is a support page where you will find the necessary information to help you out and some of the individual feed sites also have links to the software, which is usually free.

The other pages on the site work in the same way as the Swallow Boys page. You have a list of feed sites that will open in the same or new windows and each one has its own kind of content. In the Straight Boys area you have 15 feeds to browse around (including some that weve just seen) and these are mainly to do with straight turning gay, bisexuals or straights jerking off for money. Some of these are better than others but by far my favourite is Broke Straight Boys. Here two guys at a time are persuaded to strip, wank and then suck each other in return for ever increasing amounts of cash. The guys are really straight, some even look uncomfortable, and the quality is excellent. There are something like 70 full length movies here and more updates come every week. Other sites have less to offer but all you need to do is spend some time browsing around and youll soon discover which your favourite is.

If you click over to the Videos page youll find the full list of feed sites that feature video content. You have reality sites like Gay Blind Date where two guys meet and shag for the first time and His First Gay Experience. There are more pretty boys here, Frat boys, bi-boys, muscle men, classic movies in the Old School collection and some military themed sites to name but a few. You can expect the quality to be reasonable throughout but sometimes the movie players only have small screens. The higher your connection speed the better of course and the full size, large file movies are definitely the ones to watch if you can.

Over on the Pictures page youll find the same sites but this time the ones with image galleries are prioritised, so the ones that only have video are not there. There are 17 sites here including the rather small Horny British Boys with its six models (but cute ones) and Pretty Boys For Cash with its 100 or more guys. So the word here is varied, each site is different of course and there are different amounts of images, and movies, to be had at each one.

But the point is that there is content on Swallow Boys and lots of it too. Its everywhere and you will be spending hours looking around and sampling everything. There must be thousands of images and videos, just like the tour said and theyre all watchable and good hard stuff.

Features & Navigation:

You get a few nifty features on the site. You can save any of the feed sites to your favourites area and therefore customise the site slightly. Next time you call in youll be able to go straight to the content that you liked before. You can also see the top ten sites, the ones that other members have looked at the most I guess. This is a good place to start if you are overwhelmed by all your choices. The Live Shows and More parts of the site feature different kinds of adult sites and are also worth a look. There are links here to things like chat and dating sites, shops, muscle magazine and other E-zines and even stories. Beware though as some of the sites will look as if they have free access for you, as a Swallow Boys member, but actually to get to the good stuff you have to sign up and pay.

Back at the home page you will also get news of whats recently been updated on the site and what is waiting in the wings. Youll see from this list that there is at least one update every day but with over 100 feed sites youd kind of expect that wouldnt you? You will also notice that the site runs a poll which changes from time to time. They were asking for my opinion about bareback when I was there and if you cast a vote you can see the results. You can also leave a message here if you want and if you need any more support, or want to e-mail the webmasters, you can click over to the support page.

Navigation isnt as much of a problem as you light think with there being so many sites available to go to. The feeds either open in a new window or in the same window but in this case the top, static menu stays where it is so at worse you can jump pack to the main page you were on. Some of the feed sites didnt have very good navigation features particularly in the photo galleries. I had to do quite a bit of back button hitting to reverse out of some of these. But generally the layout and design is ok, nothing special though, and navigation is fine.

There, that was a quick whiz around a well stocked site that is also out there on the web under a variety of different names. In this case theyve put the best of the oral and cum shot centred feed sites in a place called Swallow Boys and then the rest of their feeds on other pages. Thats about it really.


There is a large collection of 3rd party feeds and most of them are reasonable quality. The tour promise of thousands of this and hundreds of that is true enough. Theres nothing original and you may have joined this site before when it was called something else. I also find it annoying that its not easy to find the cute boys on the tour pages once you get in, they must be in one of the thousands of photo sets somewhere though. Quantity is the key word here.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of material
+ Regular updates
+ Easy to get around inside
- Nothing original
- Only feed sites
- Seen it all before
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