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If you like them young, rough, bareback, scally and British, then you're going to cum buckets over Hung Young Brit. This guy is an early 20s scally lad who's constantly up for raw bareback with strangers and mates alike. He loves to get fucked and cum-dumped, he fucks other cute lads, and it's all filmed for his porn addiction and exclusive site where members get to stream the videos. Downloads cost extra, but you've got galleries and a model list and weekly updates.
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Monthly 34.95

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Our total rating: 69/100

Detailed Review:


Being a Brit myself, I've got this thing for cute, smooth, young and hung scally lads with their attitude and their swagger. Trouble is, I never get to meet the rough diamonds of east end council estates anymore, so a site like Hung Young Brit takes me right back to the day when I was one of them. Hard lads, a lot of bad language, a tough way of looking at things and all that macho attitude is still there in the models at this site, but these days it's the cool thing to get fucked raw and not give a fuck. These guys give loads of fucks mind you, to each other, their mates and even strangers.

Our Hung Young Brit, our main man, who appears in about half of the videos, is a good looking amateur porn guy with a ten-inch uncut cock, there are loads of uncut cocks among the 15 other models too, and the lads are mainly fit and attractive, in that scally way. They don't care about fucking a stranger bareback or having their cum dumped in their mouth or ass (that should be arse of course), and it's bareback all the way in the 25 videos. You can check out the models from the index and select a slim, smooth, sexy lad, or the masked guy, or a more classic twink-like lad and then get to see them in action.

The 25 movies take place indoors and outside, sometimes in public locations, like the dunes on Gran Canaria, or the woods around London, and each one runs for around 20 to 30 + minutes. They are hand-held, off the cuff style filming, with a roving camera and the camera guy probably jerking himself off while he's filming. The lighting is usually fine, but there are some unfocused moments which only add to the realism of each scene. These are not directed, cut and edited in a suit kind of movies, but just about as raw as you can get; and that's what's so good about them. Natural, with the guys talking and begging, swearing a lot and gaging for it, it's like being there.

The thing is, you can sign-up to stream, but you have to pay extra to download at $5.00 per download. The movies stream at three speeds, with a top resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 HD. There are also 720p and 480p Mp4 files for mobiles and for download if you buy the tokens and add them to your account, something which is easy to do. Moves downloaded nice and fast, and streaming was cool and uninterrupted. Overall, the quality of these amateur movies is fine, as long as you're not looking for studio standard porn releases, and lets face it, on a site about Brit scally lads fucking bareback and not giving a f***, we're not going to find that kind of studio pretentiousness; again, another good thing about Hung Young Brit.

Each movie has some photos with it, and you can take these in a zip file. I wasn't able to enlarge them online, and when I went to try a zip file, although there were, allegedly, choices of 1,024 px to full size, and two other size option between, I wasn't able to download them either. Maybe you need to have bought some tokens? If so, the site should make it more obvious.

But that was about my only concern with the content, the fact you have to pay more to download it and $34.95 for streaming only, no matter how exclusive the content, is a bit above what we expect to pay.

Features & Navigation:

I like the simplicity of Hung Young Brit and the way it's easy to navigate. This might be because there are not that many pages to check out, but actually, I didn't mind that. I found a page or three of videos and a model index, details of my account and the main stats and About page for our host, and that's about it. There wasn't much detail about the other guys who appear, but then some of them are anonymous passers-by.

Video and photo viewing pages are easy to understand and neatly set out. Your streaming and (if paid) download options are there, plus links to where you can buy your tokens. There's also an add to favourites function, and you can leave comments. The members' area here is easy to use and not fancy, but it also looks fine and apart from the images not being accessible (apart from thumbs) it works well.

As for the price, well, I am old fashioned and think that $34.95 per month is a bit much; it says 'unlimited streaming', and that's what you get, but with only 25 movies so far, it would be more attractive a sign-up if it were around $25.00 per month, and included downloads. Maybe when the site's bigger and more established, they will be able to afford to do that. Hope so. Meanwhile, beware a cross sale on the signup page. You have the tokens to buy at $30.00 for 15, with other offers, and each download will cost you $5.00. Go for it, the videos are worth it.


Hung Young Brit is definitely hung, and he's young (20s), and he's a Brit, a bit rough, uncut, a bit cute and not afraid to get a cum load up his arse or dump his in someone else's. This is raw bareback, and it's raw filming, amateur and decent quality, rough and ready, natural and with a sense of desperate 'gotta fuck' fun about it. I'd like to see downloads included, it's a bit costly, but it's also a hot and rare find and perfect for all of us who've got a big throbbing thing for Brit lads.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Bareback hardcore
+ Natural Brit scally lads
+ Weekly updates
+ HD amateur movies
+ Horny models

- Costly
- Pay to download
- Issues with image viewing
- Not enough model info
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