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Sexy Twinks offers you just that: some original, exclusive and very sexy 18 to 23 year old guys in solo performances, with video and photo content. They also have a community area where members can make up profiles and send in clips, meet and comment on each others self-shot content and generally hang out. The site has been uploading content since 2010, though in recent months the photo contributions seem to have stopped and the videos have also slowed down.
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Our total rating: 76/100

Detailed Review:


Now then, I did encounter a problem when I was trying to view the content; although my membership was paid up and, as far as I could see, it was a full membership, I was restricted in what I could see. Therefore I was not actually able to see a great deal. I think this was an error on the site rather than with my membership. So, you will need to check things out when you arrive in the members' area and contact support of you have any problems. You will know if things have gone wrong, or if you dont have a sufficient membership level as you will be told when you try to download a video.

But all that aside, and it is a problem you can sort out, I found: 83 videos that ran for around 10 to 15 minutes each. These all came with a trailer to stream and then a range of download options. There were WMV, QuickTime and Flash downloads with resolutions up to 5,000 kbps @ 720 576, file sizes varied according to the version and quality from 80 to 200 Mbs, and there were 320 x 240 iPad versions as well. Most of these options were also available on the older content as well.

In the photo area there were 162 sets with various amounts of images each, but generally around the 120 mark. What is nice here is that you have choices for online viewing size, with sizes from 800 px up to the full 3,264 px size, and you have the same choices for downloading in zip files. As with the videos the quality is fine.

The boys are all twinks, so that's OK, and they are usually solo. I did see a couple of couples in the photosets but the norm here is smooth, young-looking, hung and amateur twink. This amateur status sometimes comes across a bit painfully in the videos with self-conscious guys and some dodgy stripping or dancing, but that only serves to make the guys more natural. The quality of the filming is fine and generally you've got solid, all-round, standard twink porn. There were 155 guys in the model index where they are shown with large portraits and where their sample pics lead to pages showing some basic stats and a very large image, plus links to their photos and videos.

What was missing, for me, from the content was information; there was that basic info about the guys but no detail as to where they came from, what they liked and so on, no write ups for the videos, and I found no stream versions with the movies either, it was download only. Mind you, the downloads were good with lots of choices, and there is a short trailer for each scene.

So, what I concluded about the content at Sexy Twinks was that it was decently made, came with good download options, showed us solo twink jack-offs in the videos and galleries, with a couple of action scenes but not many, and that you need to make sure you have a full membership in order to view it properly. The boys are all amateur, smooth and youthful and the updates used to be weekly but recently have been on a go-slow.

Features & Navigation:

What is very good about the site as well is that it has many interactive options; you know how I like these things. When you are on a video main page you can rate the scene, or photos or model, and you can add that piece of content to your favourites area. You are also able to email a friend with your new find. You can sort the content out on the index pages by date, rate and popularity and content is posted with its upload date. There are also facilities to leave comments and read what other members have said.

And then you have the community area, which you find in the top menu. There were profiles for over 1,000 members listed here, though not all had an avatar, so the page looked a bit dark, but in this are you have all kinds of fun functions. You can make up your own profile and search around for other members. There are user photo albums and videos to watch as well, and you can comment on these too. Your own profile area comes with messages and a Wall, so you can really get involved in your site and with other members.

Generally navigation is not a problem, though I did find I got knocked out to the tour area a few ties; this may have been something to do with my membership status though. It looks like here's a free sign up offer: if you send in at least 10 images and at least two minutes of your own video, of you, then you can get a month's free access. Check out the link at the bottom of the tour pages.


Another twink site? Yes, but a decent one and with fresh and new models you won't have seen before. I am guessing somewhere in Europe and I am also guessing all 18 to 23 years old. The updates seem to be on a slow-down at the moment, so keep an eye on that, and I had trouble with some functions that kept booting me out. But I was impressed with the community area, the parts that worked, and I was also pretty impressed by the hot, amateur twinks.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Stays with its niche
+ Sexy amateur twinks
+ A good community area
+ Interactive
+ Decent quality

- Some technical issues
- Not enough information
- Not sure about updates
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