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Sweet Boys Video comes from the Gladirex Network of sites and there are over 20 included with your one membership. That's why you are asked to pay slightly more than the average sign up fee so don't let that put you off joining. This is definitely a network for all teen and twink sex lovers, and especially good for anyone into the medical fetish scene with younger guys. But the site were looking at here isn't fetish; it's dreamy fantasies of first time youth sex.
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You start off at a home page where the recent updates are listed, and it looks like the site is keeping up with one new episode each week. These are also exclusive scenes so this means that there is someone out there working very hard to bring you new and exciting boy on boy sex movies every seven days. Click to the Video Zone to start your adventure proper and you will find six scenes per page. Click one of these and you get your simple viewing and downloading options.

That's the word for this site, simple. You wont find galleries, or interactive options or anything fancy; just plain and simple, easy access to well made, good quality, teen and twink movies. You can download in parts where you have a WMV file up at around 2024kbps @ 720 x 576, and you have a Flash stream at around 640 x 480. That stream is a good enough size to allow for good quality viewing, but not so big as to make it start and stop when buffering depending on your connection of course; but a mid-range connection should do you just fine. The parts are a good length, and there are very clear and easy to find links and instructions along with the good sized sample images.

There are mainly duo scenes here, with some threesomes, and they don't hang around. The scenes open with the boys on the bed, or the sofa, or already met outside, and they progress from there. The camera moves around to bring you in close as the action starts, and it starts more or less straight away. This does lose some of the fantasy aspect, some coy touching and seducing would add to the eroticism here, but at least you don't have to wait around to see the juicy things that lie beneath the clothes. And they are hung, smooth, and creamy

So, what you basically have are 30 well made, good length (30 to 40 minutes) scenes with at least two young, European, amateur and smooth boys apiece. No pics to go with, but good viewing options and good quality, exclusive movies.

Features & Navigation:

And, as I said, there are no interactive options. What really struck me as missing, sadly, was a model index. This is a purely selfish thing but I do like to browse the boys by face and see which one reminds me of X from my youth, or Y from the bar the other night, or Z who I see every day on the street. And it's amazing how often you will find someone who looks like your dream boy. But here you only have sample shots from each movie to guide you and sometimes the boys in the photos are kissing or have turned away, or are otherwise involved, so you cant see those all important face shots. You don't know any details about them either no ages, or stats, although there is a short description with each movie and it doesn't take long before you see all of the boy in all his glory at the start of a movie.

You won't find galleries to download, though other sites in your bonus list have pics and maybe some of the dream-boys here appear on other sites there; I would not be surprised. You cant get involved with rates or comments so you are simply a voyeur. And, in that respect, Sweet Boys Video works just fine. You slip in, download your clips, view your streams, get off and slip out.


Sweet Boys Video gives you the perfectly smooth and horny young things you see on the tour and it gives you these boys in well made, standard-progression, teen and twink movies. These are exclusive and good quality, the boys are very young looking, in the main, and you have a wealth of bonus sites along similar themes with some personal sites and some fetish ones to add extra value. There is nothing to complain about, updates are weekly and you simply sign up, enter, view, jerk and leave.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies that are well made
+ Very easy to navigate and use
+ Perfectly dreamy teens and twinks
+ Loads of bonus sites

- Not interactive
- No galleries.
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