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UK Scally Lads is one of those rare sites that has found its own sub-niche and not only knows what it is doing with it but keeps to it. OK, so you could argue that Scallies are a niche all of their own but you could also say that they fit into the twink niche. Just dont tell them that or they might rip your head off. Scallies, if you dont know, are naughty British scallywags, hard young guys from the urban streets who like to wear trackies and caps, jerk their big uncut cocks and be bad.
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Our total rating: 70/100

Detailed Review:


So far on this relatively new site you have 62 models appearing in 84 photo sets and exclusive videos. I say exclusive, if you've joined UK Bad Lads then you dont need to join UK Scally Lads as the sites are one in the same thing. But, that aside and assuming you've not seen the other site, youre in for a great time when you sign up here. There is something about these tough little lads that makes them so damn horny. Is it their British accents? Their UK cocks or just the way that they put on an attitude? Ill leave it up to you to decide on that one.

Start with your main menu; here are loads of links to things to check out. One of those links is to the join page which, as a joined up member, might annoy you, but trust the site; you are in the members area. You will find your video content under Shoots and here are those 84 movies. These are available to download in good quality files that can be WMV or MP4 for you iPod or your home computer. Six are listed per page with a good sized image and, clicking the one you want, takes you to another page with more information and all the content associated with that shoot. Youll find a short trailer playing here so you can assess if this is the scene for you before you embark on a download some files are large and over 200Mbs, so that trailer could be a useful tool if youre on a slow connection.

From each shoots main page you can access the photo set. Some of these contain well over 200 images and these click up to a mid-range 640 x 427 in size. They are nice and clear though and you get to see the smooth bodies, the long British cocks and full British balls (nuts) with no problem.

Videos (and the photo sets that go with them) are a mix of solos and couples. You are usually treated to some introduction with maybe a bit of chat so you can hear these lads talking. Thats pretty sexy in itself, theyre rough and tough and have an attitude and yet they squeal when theyre fucked and grunt when they come just like any twink should. The description with each movie is worth reading as it sets the scene and these texts are well written. They help you get more of a feel for the guys and are worth taking time over.

As well as these exclusive vids and galleries your content list includes Scally Tube. This is a list of Tube style Scally clips, home made, that are sometimes sexy and at other times are simply showing you how Scallies behave or misbehave. Its a neat little extra and one to keep an eye on; you'll soon get to find out more about Scally Lads generally from here.

Features & Navigation:

If you want to search through the lads one by one then you can use the model index. Here you have face pics of all of the 62+ guys appearing on the site, and they are just about all scowling at you. On their individual pages you not only get links to their appearances in videos or galleries and a short write up, but you also get email addresses too members can make contact with these guys and get their own relationships going.

If youre not sure what a Scally is though after seeing the videos you will have no doubt then you can check the page that gives you all the info on exactly what a Scally lad is; its only a short page but it puts the info nice and succinctly. And, if you want even more information and behind the scenes news then check the blog. This blog goes back to the start of the site (not so long ago) and gives you news and update information. It also mentions that the site was nominated for an EGPA Award in 2008, so you can expect good things in the future.

For other content: there is a newsletter you can subscribe to, you can leave a shout (comment) about the site or any of the guys on it, you can send E cards and read testimonials. There isn't much in the way of extra content, such as bonus sites, but there are these neat little extras which make the site interactive and fun.

As for navigation; this isnt a problem. All of the content for each shoot is accessed from the one page, its individual page, where you get the info and the trailer. This makes finding content easy and the left menu is permanent so you dont lose sight of it. Galleries are simple to get around and downloads are fast enough. The design and the text match up nicely with the theme of the site, those rough lads from the British streets, so expect some unusual English words and slang. You'll soon be talking the same language and wont have any trouble figuring out what the boys are talking about.


This is a great UK site, theres no doubt about that, The content is fresh and exciting, good quality, and everything stays in the Scally niche. If youre new to Scallies then there is plenty of information and you'll soon be hooked. If youve had enough of those sweet but nancy American Twinks then you might want to try some rough and ready British boys instead these guys dont pull punches, theyre tough, they have attitude and they like their sex hard. You get all that plus updates here.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive UK content
+ Great looking, rough UK Lads
+ Easy to navigate and use
+ Updates every week
+ Online streaming
+ High Res Image ZIP & Video Downloads
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