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Take a collection of guys in various uniforms, with various sized weapons and video them, photograph them and put them inside the members area and you have Navy Meat. Youll find 15 videos of soldiers in and then out of their uniforms, in solo and action scenes. There are also over 500 galleries some of which contain more military hunks and other kinds of guys for variety. The site is nicely designed and well laid out so navigation is easy.
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Army Meat, like other sites in the same team, Navy Meat and Naked Soldier, has fifteen videos and a selection of images, some of which involve army guys. If you've joined or seen those other two sites before then you have already seen this one as the content is shared. But if you havent, then here is what you will find:

After the nicely designed and set out tour pages, which do give you a good indication of what to expect inside, you enter the members area nice and easily. There youll find a page of sample thumbnails from the recent pictures and videos, there are also links to some external chat and dating sites too but first well take a look at the videos.

There are fifteen vids on the site, 11 solo jerk offs and four action scenes. Basically the scenes are all cut into parts in files that are 7.66 Mbs in size. They are MPG files that you can right click to download and they play in a 230 x 240 sized screen the quality is a bit rough around the edges on some so they dont really work in a full screen size but, if you like to see guys in and out of military gear playing with their hot cocks and jacking off, giving the occasional blow job and fingering their asses, then theres some content here you will enjoy.

Over in the pictures area there are over 500 galleries for you to browse through but not all of these are on a military theme. You have, for example, a whole page of preppy guys on page one and you will need to wade through a few pages before you find the military men. There are some cute hunks in the appropriate gear on page 16 for example and when you find someone you want to see more of you only have to click the pic for the full gallery. There are various amounts of images in each one; I found a sexy stud with 60 pics that were 996 x 1491 in size for example and then another gallery with ten pics that were 568 x 372 in size so you see there is some variation. Check the pages around 22 and 23 as there were more military guys there and some of these look very realistic I mean of course the guys are real but some of them look like they could actually be Marines or Air men or whatever.

Thats a quick look at the main content at Army Meat 15 videos and 500+ image galleries, but there are other things listed on the menu. On the Live Feeds page youll find links across to three voyeur sites. These are live cam sites where the models perform according to a schedule and where you can tune in and watch on the spy cams. In some cases you can pay extra and chat with the guys, telling them what to do and really get involved with the action. On the bonus page youll find these three sites plus a set of on-line arcade games. These are based on those (now) old fashioned games like space-invaders except there is some sexy twist to them somewhere along the line. They are a good distraction and can have you hooked if youre not careful.

Features & Navigation:

The other features on the site are, again, links to external sites. There are some dating and chat sites listed and a pay per view theatre most of these extras involve some kind of payment in some way i.e. to view the PPV movies or to fully access the dating site and create a useful profile, but they are an interesting list to browse around. Likewise there are some offers available for similar sites, its a question of taking a look and making up your own mind as to whether there extras are for you.

Back at the home page and theres a note saying that the latest 15 videos were added to the site last month. As there are only 15 videos Im not sure about the authenticity of this message and I was in this site some months ago and the 15 video had also just been added then. Which is my way of saying; Im not sure when you are going to get updates to the site as there is no reliable news. There is a members support page though with a list of possible problems, select one and click to stage two and so on. And there is a click here to bookmark link on the home page but its dark blue against a black background so you might need your night vision binoculars to read it.

The design of the site is great; they keep the military pretence up throughout with lots of pics of hot soldiers adorning the pages of the members area and the tour. Everything is neatly laid out and easy to find. The site is easy to navigate with the left menu and the pages open quickly. I had no technical problems at all and quite enjoyed my visit; I just wish there was more military content to view.


You have 15 videos that feature guys in military uniform and some of these are action scenes. They are easy to download and a medium quality. There are also over 500 image galleries with various amounts and sizes of images in them. But thats kind of it for your themed content as the rest of site consists of links to third party sites and games. Check the tour carefully as, if you are a gay, adult, military sex site specialist, you may have seen this site under a different name already.

Pros & Cons

+ Some military themed videos and galleries
+ Some good, large images to collect
+ Easy navigation
+ Good design
- Not a lot of military content
- Not exclusive
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