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There are over 260 full length, gay hardcore episodes at All Star Studs and these are readily available to you when you sign up. The movies are downloadable and youre promised a new one every month. There are couples, trios and solo scenes to grab and enjoy all in unique content that has a reality twist. Youre also offered image galleries, a choice of media players and bandwidths and other extras besides.
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Trial 4.95
Monthly 39.95

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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


The latest update is featured at the top of the page in the members area and when I looked it the newest guy on the block was Jacob. He was actually the latest twink to be added to Twinks For Cash because that is what All Star Studs is about. It finds the hottest and best sites for you, groups them into one place and then lets you view them and all their updated content. So when you sign up for this one site you actually get to access lots of others. Think of your membership as being a kind of library with the books being external feed sites and your library card being your All Star Studs access details. Simply login and then off you go, browsing around the various departments and taking away whatever you find that takes your fancy.

For example, lets start in the videos department. Youll find the link over on the easy to use left hand list. The video are itself is stocked with 26 sites for you to access spread over three pages. Each site comes with its title, a screenshot, a summary, an add to favourites function and a chance for you to rate the site. Click the title and a new window appears (so although you leave the main page it is still there in the background) and here is where you will find the content that the feed site offers.

Some of these sites have an on-line movie player where you select a scene and let it stream direct to your PC, or Mac. Others are the sites themselves and allow you to download the clips, scenes or sometime the entire length videos. Treasure Island was a feed site with a choice of connection speeds at the hardcore movie theatre and contained some really well made sex movies. Twinks for Cash featured loads of full length movies cut into short scenes for on-line streaming and again gave you a good choice of connection speeds. It also has image galleries with every movie and some very fancyable young twinks getting paid to get shafted by the two lucky older guys who put the site together.

The list of available feed sites goes on and on and I could fill up an entire page with them all. But to give you an idea of the diversity of content; there are twink sites that Ive mentioned plus Hollywood Twinks, there are bear sites and military sites, Asians, Bisexuals, sites dedicate to bareback sex, some old classic videos, bondage, East European and even wrestling sites. So you see, a little bit of everything and each site working in roughly a similar way. Because there are so many and from so many producers do expect the quality and ease of use to vary from site to site. Having said that I had no trouble with the ones I checked out and you soon learn how things work. Set aside plenty of time to explore everything and dont forget the updates. At the bottom of the Videos page youll see the latest news so when you come back, time after time, you can easily see if anything new has been added. Also the list of sites stays in the centre of the main page so you can access the other areas of All Star Studs from the other menus that always stay where they are.

As in the Pictures pages; the content is spread over two of them. These work in the same way as the videos pages with feed sites featured down the centre. Only now you are accessing the image content from these sites directly. Some are the same as what you have seen before; Twinks For Cash for example was exactly the same, so dont expect too much extra content although I did find some sites here that were not in the videos list. Anime and some extra Asian boy sites spring to mind. Overall the images I saw were good quality and enlarged up to nearly full screen size, they were well taken and focused and not a bad collection at all.

Back at the main page again and you can explore the other links listed there. There are six bonus reality sites some of which you will already have seen in the videos area, and again more lists of updates. You also get The Reading Room (see, I told you it was like a library here) where you will find five text based feed sites. Now I for one think this is great. So many sites think you will just be satisfied with movies and images but from time to time its nice to have a good read. The sites at the reading room are actually comic strip or graphic novel sites so you do get picture content too and there are some good hand drawn and computer generated strips to be found here.

Features & Navigation:

There are quite a few good features at All Star Studs. You can add anything you like to your favourites area so you can come back to what you know you like every time you log in. Simply click the my favourites tab and your list is inserted at the top of the main page. You can also rate individual sites as excellent, good, fair or poor and a simple click on the appropriate rating will add your feedback to the database and let the webmasters know what you think. You can search for a model by name by using the quick and simple search box or you can search for a particular key word. I typed in men and got two pages of feed sites that either had that word in the title, the text description or in some other way associated with them. Again it was quick and easy to use. There is also a Niche sorter, a drop down menu with a list of niches available, from amateur to voyeur and this little feature appeared after Id done a search. Im sure it wasnt there before!

Travelling down the left hand menu, which handily stays put so you can always find your way home, you get to the Adult Marketplace. Here youll find links to the other content you get with your membership. Things like live cam and dating sites, mens health and shops. Admittedly some of these sites contain content that is not free but its nice to have the best of what is out there so neatly arranged for you. There were some interesting sites here that Id never heard of and having them listed like this will save you a long trawl through the net next time you want to buy a DVD, toy or whatever.

There are also links to a useful support page that contains your settings whether your cookies are enabled, your username and so on; a list of the top five Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ); a search facility to make finding your answers easier; sections on billing questions including how to cancel your membership and the appropriate links, technical questions and general contact details. From this page you can easily get back home and there is also a link to the survey page where you, as a member, are invited to offer feedback about the site. All this points to great customer care. You are not simply left to fend for yourself once you are a member and believe me I have seen sites that do just that. Grab your money and run basically, but not here at All Star Studs; bravo!

The last thing to say about the features of the site is to point out the links at the bottom of the home page. Here you will find out how to upgrade or download the latest media players that you will need to watch all the videos. Because the feed sites come from outside each one has its preferred medial player and not everyone has all of these on their computer. If you need Windows Media Player, Quicktime and so on then youll find links to the free software downloads. More good and well thought out customer care.

As for getting around the site again no worries. The main page stays were it is, each new site opens in a new window and when youve done with it simply close it. Unlike some sites that lead you off down hundreds of pages this one does not. You can always get home. Some of the external sites may have different set ups and Im not saying that they are all easy to use but at least, if you run into trouble, you can close a site and start again. All the links are clearly underlined and the various search options make navigation a cinch.


Ive seen several feed stores, as I call them, recently but All Star Studs is one of the better ones. Navigation is easy, there is a good collection of feed sites, plenty of excellent help and information and its reasonably priced. The updates from the feeds are well advertised and the site only seems to bring you the best of whats available. You get plenty of extras and interesting alternative sites to view too.

Pros & Cons

+ Good quality
+ Good collection of feed sites
+ Easy navigation
+ Good customer help and support
+ Well designed
+ Only a few original sites on the list
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