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Short Review:

Ok this is the first time I have ever had to review a website of this nature. This is a bisexual website with a twist. It has two men and one woman in each scene.

Ok this website is a little hard for me to talk about because I have never reviewed one of these sites before. So I don't quite know how to describe things.

But let me tell you this site has been loaded with hours and hours of videos for you to download to your computer. It also have tons of high quality image galleries.
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Detailed Review:


Let me start by saying this site has tons of content. I haven't seen straight sites with this much content. This site is a little different its a bisexual websites with 2 men and one woman in each scene. As I have already said I am quite surprised as to the amount of content available to you in the members area. If I was into this sort of stuff I would already be a member on the site.

Ok let me start telling you about the content that you have access to. If your into your MMF (Male,Male,Female) style content then you are about to enter heaven. You will have 187 full length videos to browse through, This will surely take you months and months to get through, cause you have to remember that these guys update their site a couple of times per week. So as you are browsing through the copious amounts videos, they are adding more and more to add to their archives. This is one massive bi site that you should definitely consider becoming a member of.

As I said before all the content is MMF. That means that the guys fuck each other and also fuck the girl, basically everyone receives a stiff cock somewhere inside them. Its pretty weird to watch a guy blow another guy and then stick his cock right up a girls pussy. Ok well you can tell by the way I am reviewing this site that I am not gay or bi and I don't really know how to describe a Bisexual site.

Ok lets move on and I will tell you a little about the image galleries. These galleries are pretty good. You get 15 image galleries with around 100 images per gallery. The photos are a medium size, are of a fairly decent quality and are a good size to download to your own PC. You'll notice that you will be able to download the all images in 1 zip file. This will save you hours, instead of having to downloading them 1 by 1, you get them all at once.

Features & Navigation:

The layout on this site is one of the easiest to understand. I had no problems finding my way around and I don't think anyone else will either. Notice the navigation bar on the top of the website, it has has 4 links that you will be able to click. There's Movie List, Video Feeds, Pictures and Support.

Ok lets say that you click on the Movie List link. You will then be taken to the next page to see the 187 videos available to you. From here you will have to work out which video you would like to watch. Once you have worked that out simply click on the thumbnail image of the video. It will then take you to the video page where you will be able to download the video. Its that easy.

If you find yourself in any trouble while surfing the site simply click on the Support link and you will find all the info you need in there to help you work out your troubles.


This is quite a cool site, it's not my style of porn but I didn't mind reviewing it. It has loads of content and all the video content is high quality stuff.

As I said a couple of times before, this site has more content then most straight sites I review. Its good value to because this site is also cheaper then most straight sites.

This site would be worth looking at if you are Bi or Bi Curious. Even if your straight you might get a kick out of this site. Its worth a look

Pros & Cons

+ Hot Content
+ 187 Videos
+ Hot Models
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