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Short Review:

Homo Blow is a simple site. It gives you non-exclusive gay hardcore to stream in two qualities and that's it. You will find lots of different categories of movies, lots of sign up offers to suit, and you will find plenty of scenes to view. There are cute Latino twinks and hairy bears, amateurs, professional porn stars and also Russian models, black and Asian guys, euro twinks and hunks, jocks and mature men too. It's a handy site to have for when you fancy a bit of everything.
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Price Details:

Trial 4.95
Monthly 19.95

Current Ratings for Homo Blow:

Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


It's not going to take me long to explain about Homo Blow as the site is not complicated. There is a lot of content though and a drop-down list of categories for you to use to find the kind of things you like to see. You can also start off on the home page in the members' area which is page one of the many index pages. Then you just click through, opening one scene at a time and then use your back button to get back to the index page.

There were around 1,200 non-exclusive videos when I was checking things out and each one I saw had an HD option plus a standard definition one that was the default setting. These were streams only and they streamed in a Flash player at 1,024 x 676 in size. You are also able to click up to full screen and I actually found that this worked better. For some reason the movie stuttered when in the embedded player in browser, but streamed perfectly when at full screen And, on the movies I saw, the full screen versions was perfectly clear as well.

So, the quality is fine, though you get the impression that these are DVD released videos and so may not be the full HD, not all of them work in full screen and the quality of filmmaking also varies. There are also mobile stream sizes and a mid-range standard resolution one. But there are no downloads. In fact there is a long list of what there is not: no galleries, no screen shots, no information about scenes, studios or models, no descriptions and no interactive options You can't add things to a favourites area and you don't know when you are going to get a new scene as there are no upload dates either.

So what you are left with for your content is a good number of non-exclusive videos that cover 20 categories and that are usually a decent mid-range quality. I didn't see any watermarks on the videos but I'm pretty sure you may have seen some of these scenes before. I recognised a few from other sites but then I do see an awful lot of gay porn sites. A bit more information would go a long way here but you still do get a lot of content for your sign up money.

And on that note: there are various offers to consider. There is a three day trial but this is limited, and there is a non-recurring monthly option to take if you're not sure you will be staying. But the on-going membership should work out fine. I checked some content counts on other reviews and numbers of scenes had risen over the past few weeks.

Features & Navigation:

There is a lot missing from the site. Okay, so it sets out to be simple and that's always fine to see, there are no adverts for example so that's to be applauded. But some more search and sort options and filters would be good. We have 20 categories to filter by, but that's it. There was no keyword search. There are linked tag words but these are the same as the category words, and we are shown the runtimes but there are no descriptions or details of the scene or guys. So, we have no idea where these videos come from or who is in them, unless we happen to have seen the scene before and know something about it.

Movies are streaming only and though there are three choices of resolution there are still no downloads. The only other links you have on the site are to support and customer service and there is no model index, no rates, comments, forum, discussion or anything else. Navigation is easy though you do have to back button back to the index page you were on. If you use a category you end up in that category's own area and there's no general home button to take you back.

But still (big sigh) at the end of the trip around Homo Blow you know you have found a lot of reasonable quality and varied gay hardcore and that, after all, is what we came in for.


There is a lot that is not here: information, interaction, search and sort options, details, news, information, exclusive content but there are a lot of videos from all over the gay porn world and arranged in 20 categories. It's streaming only, but it streams just fine, the quality is okay and there are some known faces here, some past-blasts and some newbies, so it's nicely varied, easy to use and won't set you back a fortune.

Pros & Cons

+ A lot of content
+ Varied content
+ Easy to use
+ Decent quality

- No info
- No update news
- Stream only
- No downloads
- Non-exclusive
- Basic design
- No advanced search
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