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This is a mix of a site that works really well. You sign up for a membership and get access to a load of varied, hardcore, gay porn DVDs. But you can also buy credits to watch the premium movies. There are over 1,200 available to you with your standard membership and a further 57 that you can pay more for. Were told that some of the content here is exclusive, but there are also lots from other good studios. The site is also easy to use and there are extras.
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I mentioned over 1,200 movies available with your basic membership. There were actually 1,276 when I called in and these were easy to find, under the first menu item and they were all displayed across index pages. Remember that this count is for DVDs, with each one having its own number of scenes, you've got hundreds more scenes to watch than DVDs; 5,844 regular scenes, so the site tells me.

Each one is sampled with a revolving thumbnail; hold your mouse over it to see what else takes place in that scene, and each one comes with a good set of viewing options, There is a Flash stream, and three ways to download the full movie or each part. There are no restrictions either it seems, so you could take everything you want here, and completely clear the shelves. Mind you, if you do that you will have around 80 days of non-stop viewing collected.

That's a huge content count. Kind of reminds me of Around the world in 80 days except you're not going around the world, you're going around all kinds of gay sex in 80 days. That's because the next best thing about Juicy Boys is the variety. A look down the first index page of DVDs brings me: twinks, football boys, military hunks, Euro-sex, Scally lads, Brit boys and your more standard all American hunks and jocks. All hardcore and from some very good studios. You can check the studios in the Studio area and there were around 75 represented here including the likes of Eromaxx, FreshSX and Magnus Productions. The studios are set out by the amount of movies they have on the site and top of the list is Studio 2000 with 165 DVDs, but Jake Cruise is also up there with 145 as is Eurocreme with 73; and many other names besides.

And that amount of movies means a lot of stars and there's a list of them too. 4,857 to be exact and they are all listed out alphabetically so you can find your favourite guy by his name. Having done that you then find a neat page of details and links to his scenes.

If you were wondering about quality then you've got nothing to worry about. Juicy Boys finds only the best productions for you. There are top directors and stars involved, good and clear filming and a nice mix of amateur approach and professional studio shoots. The visual and sound quality of everything I saw was just right and there should be no complaints about the quality of the DVDs you can see.

And, in case you were wondering about the Premium DVDs, well, I'm not sure why you have to pay, for example, $13.98 more to own some DVDs, but it's a pretty fair price for a full length recording. Maybe it's because they are newer? I don't know, but you will have to be logged in to view them even when you own them forever.

Features & Navigation:

Juicy Boys has got some neat little extra functions associated with it. Some examples: you can comment on the scenes, and while you are watching one scene you have suggestions for others nearby. There are also lists of related scenes to click to, so navigation is made easy. There are good descriptions and plenty of details about each DVD and scene, and all the sample shots are nice and clear. There are also interactive buttons on viewing pages, like an add to favourites function, and a cinema function where the page goes dark (all but the viewer) when you click it.

Actually navigation generally is very easy. The top menu stays with you and there are sub-menus in drop downs so you can find, for example, the DVDs, then the most popular, or the newest. Pages opened nice and fast and I had no trouble getting around the site at all. The details of your account, favourites collection and what credits you have, if you buy any, are shown at the top of the page, so that info is easy to get to, and there are social networking links to use to like Twitter and so on. You will also find easy feedback buttons appearing so you can very easily make comments as you view.

There is a keyword search box and a few other ways to organise the content and lists, and this includes a long list of categories, so finding what you want to see is no problem at all.


Hats off to Juicy Boys for its very large collection of horny DVDs and their scenes, their good pricing and the extras that you can access. If you want to go premium for the special DVDs, then it doesn't cost you very much more. What you end up with is 80 days worth of video viewing for your membership, and updates are adding to that, top productions from top studios with horny pro stars and neat amateurs, and an interactive, fun and easy to use members area.

Pros & Cons

+ Loads of varied content
+ Some exclusives
+ 80 full days worth of viewing
+ Nicely interactive
+ Good info and presentation

- Premium DVDs seem to be stream only
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