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Short Review:

The tour at Rainbow Pimps is so full of offers, pics and content that its hard to find the members log in link. Its there though and the fact that it is hard to find only highlights what a big and gutsy network this us. Basically with your one pass you can enter 18 sites and their themes range from twinks to dads and from bareback to fetish. A standard approach is taken to layout and navigation so moving around the network is easy. This is a good value for money offer.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.00
Monthly 29.97

Current Ratings for Rainbow Pimps:

Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


You know I could sit here and list details of each and every site in the network but a) it would fill too many pages and b) you wouldnt believe me so Ill just stick to a basic out line here and you can always read individual reviews of sites mentioned, if we have them on our pages.

So, starting at the home page you will kick off with the latest updates. There were 18 of these listed and, checking back through the dates, it appears that rainbow Pimps updates at least one of its sites every day. So thats a new video and gallery every 24 hours. The sites that had been added to previous to my visit included Cruiser Guys which has the sex in the back of the van theme, Ebony Gay Orgy which is kind of self explanatory and College Cock Party, another title which should give you an idea of what to expect.

As you can see from those three examples there is great variety here. Checking down the page I saw that Do Me Bareback was about to get an update and that even more content was promised over the next three days at a rate of one episode per day.

I was interested to see what the Movies area of the site held and there I found over 400 movies and galleries listed. This is the content from all of the sites jumbled up together. I decided at this point that Rainbow Pimps is definitely a site for all porn whores, if you like something of everything then this pass will really give you a thrill. My problem was what to view first? Something from Internally Gay for some cum play and bareback, or some hot uniform guys in Military Pass? Perhaps a rubber free group scene in Bareback Gangbangs or some hair on bare flesh at Bears Seduce Twinks? Mind boggling!

Whatever you choose to view you will find a couple of viewing options: Full length downloads in WMV, clips in WMV that stream or download and two qualities: with 600kbps @ 420 x 316 being a good example of the standard format. Video quality is good throughout with well performed scenes, nice camerawork and sound, and each episode comes with a set of good digital pics. Some galleries number over 200 shots and these are also clear and good quality. So viewing your varied content is not going to be a problem.

And I should also mention that I didnt get time to look at Cholo Lovers, Cock Dockers, Black Cock Virgin, Straight Guys are Broke, Gay Snowballs, several other sites and the bisexual one. You will need plenty of time and tissues to soak up this little lot.

Features & Navigation:

For such a large network navigation is actually very simple. The top menu takes you back to where you have been or where you want to go next, and it is there in each of the sites. Going to a new site happens in the same window so you are really in one massive area and, as all the other sites are linked on the same bonus pages, you can easily slip from one to the next.

There are a few extra functions to add some interactivity: you can add things to your favourites area this is so you can make up your own personalised site with a bit of everything from the meting pot all in one place. You are asked to rate content too and there is a model index. The only odd thing here is that you are invited to view Her sets when you look at the index pages and some of these men are no way female!

Text and links are clear at Rainbow Pimps which also aids your navigation and you should not get lost anywhere in this thicket of content. There are some things missing or things that would be good to have. Such as a forum for discussions, or some way of leaving comments. But you have a good search and sort facility on the homepage to help you filter out exactly what you want to see. Just be prepared to see a lot of it.


This is one of those too good to be true offers which is actually very good and very true. You can access content from all the Rainbow Pimp sites with one membership and getting from one site to the other is easy. Nothing gets in your way. The content is varied and there is something for everyone here. The content is also good quality and easy to view and there is something new added to the mass of existing material every day.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of varied content
+ Daily updates
+ Exclusive content
+ Good quality
+ Easy to navigate

- Not much interactivity
- Some videos are clips only
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