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Smooth, slim, sexy and sometimes surprisingly well hung guys, that's what you find in hot gay Asian porn sites. Asia is known to be exotic and the youthful guys who adorn the pages of gay Asian porn sites simply drip with sexuality. They ooze hormones, and cum, and what's even better is that you can find these sexy Asians in other niches: facials and orgies are among the favourites, but there's nothing to compare with a sexy solo boy; just you and some juicy Asian cock to get off with. These boys will serve your every pleasure.

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  1. Gay Asian Network
    Looking for gay Asian porn? Come this way sir, the offer of a lifetime is waiting for you. For under $30.00 a month you can access five Asian sites, each one has its own sub-theme, and content count and the really neat thing is that the network gets updated daily. So, if you like Asian boys, foot worship, facials, boys from Japan, Anime, toons, hardcore, erotic videos and galleries or just about anything to do with young Asian guys and sex, then this definitely is the place for you.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  2. Asian Boy Toys
    Every now and then you find a site that gives you what it actually promises to give you on its tour. The tour at Asian Boy Toys may look slightly different to its members area, but you do indeed have slim and young Asian twinks jerking until they shoot across their smooth chests. And then you have more Asian boys in duos and threesomes, extras, galleries and various ways to view and get involved. There is also a lot of good quality content.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 27.95
  3. XXX Asian Gays
    XXX Asian Gays is a site that contains a large stock of Asian videos and galleries, and also has a large stock of extras and bonuses. It's a great value site all round, and particularly appealing to folk who are up for a bit of everything, but who also like a lot of Asian porn served up. It's easy to navigate and use, you can download and stream the movies, collect the photos, enjoy the extras, make comments and get involved, and you get new content added twice a week.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 27.95
  4. Asian Boy Feet
    Asian Boy Feet mixes two hot subjects: Asian twinks and foot fetish, and it mixes it well. The videos all contain some foot worship, the galleries have some too and they are all starring smooth and dark Asian lads. On top of this you can access five bonus sites, four of which are Asian themed. There is exclusive content and bonus feed sites too. Updates across the network are daily and its all very simple to use.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  5. Gay Asian Anime
    Welcome to the wonderfully erotic and sometimes whacky world of Anime. In this case its gay Asian Anime and the site has a distinct leaning towards the Asian porn theme. So that means you can expect to find original drawings, Anime of course, and also Flash movies, with depictions of Asian boys at the heart of it all. Along with the artwork though comes access to bonus sites, general and Asian porn DVDs and feeds, and lots of other entertaining goodies too. This is a specialist Asian network.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  6. Japan Boyz
    There are very few sites like this one around. Japan Boyz specialises in exclusive, hardcore and solo movies and galleries that feature boys from Japan. If you think that is too specialised, don't worry. Your membership also allows you access to four other Asian themed sites and to a hardcore site from the USA. So you've got variety but you've also got hot young guys from Japan in HD movies that are uncensored and easy to access then there are other interactive options and extras too.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  7. Gay Asian Amateurs
    The three word title of Gay Asian Amateurs sums it up nicely. These guys are gay, or they may be bi or straight, but they are here for us gay guys, they are all Asian and they have that wonderfully authentic amateur look to them. So there's no worry that you are not going to get what you're promised. In fact you get quite a lot more than you might think. There's a large stock of movies, a bigger stock of galleries, a range of bonus sites and even links to Asian personal and chat sites.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  8. Asian Boys XXX
    The Asian youth content here is exclusive and the movies do seem to be filmed in HD. The quality is fine, we've got a mix of solo and action movies, and we have galleries to view and collect as well as 37 movies. Its not a huge site, I couldn't find any extras or bonuses, there was nothing interactive no information about the models; simply a set of movies to collect that star some very young looking Asian guys, sometimes in school ties, usually in a hotel room and always with a hard on.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 39.95
  9. Asian Boy Bondage
    Asian Boy Bondage gives us a rare mix of two categories of porn; Asian teens and twinks, and the BDSM fetish. It offers us original movies and galleries featuring young looking boys from Asian who get bound, examined by the cameras, photographed and displayed in all their youthful glory. You will find simple downloading and streaming files here, plus many models and thousands of individual images. Updates are happening, the content looks to be exclusive and you get what the tour promises you.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  10. Boy Glory Hole
    To be honest I am not sure what to make of By Glory Hole; it is such a simple site and yet it's set at a high price, the kind of amount you would expect to pay for a whole network access, or at least more than 25 scenes, even if they are HD, exclusive and good. I have a note that there were 23 scenes back in 2009, so now, three years later and we only have an extra two? That's not looking good, and there are no trial offers either, so you can't test drive. Here's the detail:
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 39.95
  11. Gay Asian XXX
    Gay Asian XXX contains three feed sites that provide Asian themed videos and images and a whole lot more that dont. You will find a large amount of varied content here but not a great deal of exotic Asian boys. The site is a collection of content provided by others sites which is generally good quality and streams easily. There are a few cute and hunky Asian dudes here and what limited niche content there is, is fine. Its a little bit of everything all in one place.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 39.95
  12. Exotic Boys
    This site is divided into two parts; you have exclusive and youthful Asian guys in solo and hard-core images and movie clips plus the chance to buy the full length DVD versions; you also have access to the Bad Puppy network with its thousands of videos and galleries and all the rest which is not necessarily Asian themed. But the exclusive content alone is worth signing up for if you are a fan of smooth and young Thai, oriental and youths from other exotic locations.
    Trial: 7.95 Monthly: 24.95
  13. Pure Asian Men
    Pure Asian Men is a new site that is dedicated to Asian men and gay sex. You have a small collection of videos, a larger collection of Asian guy photos solo and action sets and there are some 14 feed sites too. You can easily download the short movies and we are told that more will be coming soon. There are also other genre photos, like uniforms and bears, the site is easy to navigate and the feeds provide much more content.
    Trial: 4.97 Monthly: 24.95
  14. Asian Boy Models
    Asian Boy Models has something of an amateur ring to it, and it's a great place for anyone who collects galleries and videos of young Asian twinks. There are over 320 boys and their photo sets to collect, there are videos to stream and download, and it looks like updates are happening all the time. The site is actually very easy to use and there are no troubles with navigation, it can appear a bit simple at times, but everything works and you've got loads of cute young Asian boys to view.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 25.00
  15. Bangkok Bangers
    Do you feel the need to see some hard cock of ahot gay Asian men? Then you have cum to the right website. will fill the hole thats been missing in your every day gay porn, it will spice up things with these hot young men. The Bangkok Bangers do it all from blowjobs, rimjob to hardcore double anal, this site has truly got some hardcore feeds on it. There is no video as of yet inside this members area. The site must be pretty new and they haven't added the main videos as of y
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  16. Asian Cock Fest
    If you hanker for some exotic Asian boy sex then you are in for a treat at Asian Cock Fest. There are more than just cocks on display though; there are good quality, exclusive and hard-core videos too with plenty of oral and anal action. On top of this there are hundreds of images and lots of feed sites that give you some variety. You can also access other membership sites with your login details so the whole package adds up to good value for money.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  17. Asian Stud
    For a little bit of everything, with some gay Asian content too, this is a good place to start your adventure in gay porn. If youre a gay adult site virgin then this one will give you a good idea of the kinds of things that are out there to be enjoyed. You have loads of third party feeds that cover all kinds of genres, there are videos to stream and images to view plus links to other sites of interest.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  18. Boykakke
    Boykakke is all about getting one or more cute Asian guys to squirt his or their cum onto the face of, or in the mouth of, another cute Asian boy. Plain and simple, though the site itself offers you more than just these kinds of exclusive scenes and galleries. When you sign up here you also access a large network of Asian themed sites that bring you excellent porn and great value for money. You have neat extras and functions, regular network updates and more Asian cum than you can swallow.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  19. Asian Gay Twinks
    Asian gay Twinks is part of the My Twink Pass collection of sites and it is not your typical Asian porn site. It contains 100 photo galleries that are well stocked with good quality images of very smooth and sexy, young, Asian boys in solo and group scenes. And that's it. No updates, no interactive options, no messing about. But you do then get to access the other photo and video sites that the network contains and you have a quality assurance throughout.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  20. Gay Asian Twinkz
    This is definitely something for all lovers of youthful Asian porn. You've already got a good stock of exclusive movies and bonus content here, and you are going to find something new is loaded up more or less every day of the week. As if that wasn't impressive enough you will also find that the content always stays on niche, the guys are perfectly young and smooth, and you have loads of extras and some interactive options too.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  21. Laughing Asians
    You've got a great mix of two hot themes here: young and smooth Asian boys and tickle-torture, usually with a foot fetish bent too. And you've also got the added attraction of exclusive and well made content. And then you discover a bonus site that is also Asian and video samples from other sites that are also on the same Oriental theme. This is all packaged up in a well designed and easy to use site that updates very regularly. After paying such a reasonable sign up you'll be laughing.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  22. Asian Boys in Pain
    Asian Boys In Pain is one of the Pride Vault sites, and that means that when you access it you also get to access an entire network of sites. Some are small, some are big and there is lots of variety. Here though, the main thrust is of huge white cocks into tight Asian asses (hence the pain) and the boys and their movies are exclusive. You've got good quality productions, large images, downloads and streams, but not very many of them at the moment.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.91
  23. Little Asian BFs
    Little Asian Boyfriends is one site in the Boyfriend Pass Network and when you sign up here you get to access the other eight sites, plus two sets of bonus material. Those other eight sites are also hacked social networking images and videos, and all are user submitted; at least that is what we are told. This is a relatively new set up and the site is still growing. There's not a huge stock of Asian content here as yet, but there is a decent amount of various kinds of amateur content.
    Trial: 1.20 Monthly: 29.95
  24. Asia Boy
    Asia Boy is a large collection of Asian gay porn movies and galleries. Exclusive? Not sure. Good quality? Mostly, yes. Hot and horny and going to get me fired up and ready to blow? Yup, no doubt about that and there is also a lot of it. Coming along updates are listed on their own page and stretch into the future and I can tell you that there is a hell of a lot of Asian porn in here with young twinks, medical, fetish and all kinds of other porn going on.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  25. CJ XXX
    CJ XXX is a network of original and exclusive sites from a guy who has been in and around porn for years. You've got great variety here, a very reasonable price for the full set of nine sites, loads of action, weekly updates, some extras with feeds and games, sensible and easy viewing options, good quality productions and, most of all, some really horny and different guys. Check on down for a quick rundown of what comes with your membership and then reach for that credit card.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  26. Gay Asian Piss
    It's all about genre-mixing, watersports, Asian boy fun at Gay Asian Piss. You can kind of put that together from the title. But there's an awful lot more going on here than the tittle suggests; there are loads of hardcore Asian boy movies, and galleries, there are bonus sites and a new-look site that's really easy to run and use. You've also got great value with a good membership price, and updates are frequent. You cant go wrong really.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  27. Asian Boy Video
    Asian Boy Video leads you to a set of five sites that are all to do with exclusive Asian action. What you are looking at here, in a nutshell, is access to a load of content from an exclusive producer, and it all stays with smooth, young and horny boys from Asia. There's plenty of kink, with medical fetish and watersports content, and there are good quality movies and pics that are easy to access and download. Much is on the bareback theme and everything is downloadable.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  28. Doctor Twink
    What Doctor Twink does is this: it gives you original, exclusive movies that combine the twink genre with the medical fetish genre with the Asian boy genre, and then lets you in to four other sites with your set of membership details. It's all very simple and straightforward, as is the members area, and all very good value too. You're going to find plenty of scenes to watch, a good update schedule and lots of extra content too.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  29. 80 Gays
    I'm still not sure why this site is called 80 Gays, there must be some dark secret to it. Some big, hung, dark secret as this is an ebony site with some very impressive and very horny black guys appearing in it. It`s part of the Asia Boy Network, so when you sign up here you also get a lot of Asian content included, with six sites in total. 80 Gays is one of the newer and thus smaller ones, but it promises updates, and there are 45 exclusive movies in this one site alone already.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
  30. Gay Asian Uniforms
    Gay Asian Uniforms is part of the Asia Boy network, so when you sign up for this site you get to access all six in their network for over 1,000 Asian twink movies. Here the emphasis is on military kink and young, so you have a nice mix of genres in the exclusive content, and a nice line up of sexy young Asian guys too. Your members' area is neat and interactive, looks good and works well, and updates happen every couple of days, so you get well looked after.
    Trial: 0 Monthly: 0.00
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