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Real man on man sex is what Hunk porn is about and nobody does it better than a well built, muscle guy with experience. What exactly is a 'hunk'? Is he a man with muscles, a guy with a big cock, a chap with a firm butt? Does he have a moustache and wavy hair like a TV star from the 70's? It's up to you to decide as you browse our collection of hunks. Plenty of muscles wait for you here for sure, so do plenty of toned and fit, older and heavier guys who work out. And they work out not only in their gyms but on their Jims too.

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  1. Army Meat
    Take a collection of guys in various uniforms, with various sized weapons and video them, photograph them and put them inside the members area and you have Navy Meat. Youll find 15 videos of soldiers in and then out of their uniforms, in solo and action scenes. There are also over 500 galleries some of which contain more military hunks and other kinds of guys for variety. The site is nicely designed and well laid out so navigation is easy.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 29.95
  2. Mega Cock
    Mega Cock is a good collection of around 70 feed sites that bring you all kinds of cocks, quite simply. It is a well stocked site that is made up of third party content all of which gets updated according to its own schedule. It is easy to navigate and use though various different media players are used by various different feeds, you will find instructions though so theres no need to panic.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 39.95
  3. Buff Men
    Buff Men contains around 100 third party feed sites that offer you clips from just about every genre of gay porn you could imagine. There are amateurs and pro-stars, there are young guys and mature men, leather guys and erotic galleries and there are videos and pics galore. As far as content is concerned there is a mass of it and it is varied. Everything is updated regularly too and it is an easy site to use. There is nothing exclusive here but there is a lot of it.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 39.95
  4. Rugger Bugger
    You've got to take your hat off to Rugger Bugger for its research and the way it spends all its time finding clips and shots of sportsmen flashing cocks, asses, bulges and bods. But then you might want to put it on again when you try and download videos as it looks like you have to pay extra for some. For photos, it's great, it's a huge collection of sportsmen pics that rivals the best of them. It could do with some additional functions and navigation tweaks, but otherwise it's great.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 39.95
  5. Chiseled Beef
    Here is a collection of exclusive videos and image galleries that mainly feature hard bodied, well muscled sexy guys in solo photo sets and action videos. The men are generally older, physically fit (but not too over the top) and handsome; there are a few pretty boys getting ass rammed too. The videos are in short clips, the real photos are fine and everything works smoothly. You also get to access the members areas of 13 other sites when you sign up and there are external feeds too.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.97
  6. XXXposed Studs
    At this site you have hundreds of sexy studs and smoother younger guys in over 200 video scenes and 600 galleries. Its all general gay sex content with hard-core and erotica and has no particular niche other than featuring hot guys and hard sex. Everything runs smoothly and there are no restrictions on the downloads so you can keep just about everything. Its reasonable quality, standard gay erotica but does contain some unusual movies that you may not have seen before.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 38.80
  7. Ebony Gay Orgy
    Ebony Gay Orgies is not overly stocked with content, certainly not ebony content, but it does give you a chance to get into the Rainbow Pimps network and check out several bonus sites and feeds. As for the black-on-black orgy scenes you'll find 10; quality is fine and you have a couple of viewing choices. There are well stocked galleries too and navigating around the site is easy enough, though there were a couple of errors on a couple of pages.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.96
  8. Mega Hung
    If you want to see some guys with huge cocks (that are real and not courtesy of Photoshop) then you want to take a look here. They are stunning and, as long as you dont have penis envy, they are great to view in the videos and the image galleries. On top of this you have feed sites that feature more hung studs and also full access to the Bad Puppy network of 100 or so bonus sites and more. A great package all round. (Get it? Great package? Never mind.)
    Trial: 7.95 Monthly: 24.95
  9. Stunning Studs
    Stunning Studs features all kinds of adult content. There are some 90 gay and bisexual, full length, movies that are available scene by scene and that feature some studs and hunks plus other types too. There is a large and varied collection of images that are generally well taken and that feature more studs, hunks and others. There is a large collection of gay feed sites, some games and links to chat and dating sites. There is also a huge collection of straight movies.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 24.95
  10. Pure Asian Men
    Pure Asian Men is a new site that is dedicated to Asian men and gay sex. You have a small collection of videos, a larger collection of Asian guy photos solo and action sets and there are some 14 feed sites too. You can easily download the short movies and we are told that more will be coming soon. There are also other genre photos, like uniforms and bears, the site is easy to navigate and the feeds provide much more content.
    Trial: 4.97 Monthly: 24.95
  11. Gay Dream Boys
    Gay Dream Boys serves up a collection of 31 full length hard-core movies edited up into easy to stream or download scenes. There are many hunks and studly guys appearing and hours of viewing to be had. There are also image galleries and access to several feed sites with more hard content, plus games and links to suggested cam and chat sites. If you want to be daring you can even access the straight videos too.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 24.95
  12. Hot Gay Porno
    Hot Gay Porn is simple and straightforward. You sign up and they give you over 100 gay sex video scenes, thousand of images, links to dating and chat sites and a good collection of feeds with other videos and images to enjoy. Its easy to get around, fast to load, there are good viewing options and if youre a first timer when it comes to viewing gay adult sites then this would be a good place to start your career.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 24.95
  13. Kristian
    Kristian Studios supply you with photo-sets of some of the sexiest guys around and let you see them in well taken shots and some backstage footage. There is also news about the studio and a blog you can join in with. The material is photo based but for videos and more hard-core entertainment you also have access to the bad Puppy network and hundreds of other gay porn sites. So you get value for money.
    Trial: 7.95 Monthly: 24.95
  14. Club Jason Sparks
    You've got three sites for one with this offer. Club Jason Sparks is where were signing in today, but from the members' area I can also access Dirty Boy Society and Jason Sparks Live. What were looking at is exclusive entertainment featuring some guys you may have already met at Falcon or Hot House, among other places. Great looking models, hot action scenes, simple navigation, galleries, and links to other sites of interest, plus the live shows.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95
  15. Navy Meat
    At Navy Meat you will find a small collection of military themed videos with solo guys and couples. The guys are hot, straight and hard and there is some top totty in uniform here. There is also a large collection of image galleries that feature all kinds of naked and naughty guys, including some in uniforms. The site is easy to work through, easy to use and the men are hot and sexy enough. There are also links to suggested live cam, dating and video on demand sites should you want a diversion.
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 29.95
  16. Anal Pals
    Anal Pals contains a number of third party feed sites and a few of its own galleries. You can link over to all kinds of feed content which will bring you some anal and other action and you can easily view the galleries that have good quality images. You also get to access some bonus sites that do have exclusive content so thats good news but, apart from that, the site is a bit thin on the ground.
    Trial: 1.85 Monthly: 29.99
  17. Dirty Boy Society
    Jason Sparks Entertainment brings us the new and exciting Dirty Boy Society. When you sign up here make sure you are signing up for the whole network as you will also be able to access Jason Sparks live and their other Entertainment site. But the content were looking at here is new, and has been paced on the site since October 2011, it's all about good and varied looking younger guys in solo and hardcore, exclusive scenes and there are 16 of them at the moment.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95
  18. Prime Man Meat
    A site by any other name would be this one in disguise. Here you have 137 gay videos scenes that you can view in three qualities and download. They are not exclusive but are o.k. to view. You can also access hundreds of good images at this site which contains mainly a bit of everything; there are hunky guys featured and hard-core scenes, there are good feed sites and some recommended dating and live cam sites too. A bit of a mixed sex salad for the curious.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 24.95
  19. Jeff Palmer
    Here is a fan site thats dedicated to Jeff Palmer the so called King of Porn. You can follow his career from his first appearances in videos and magazines and get right up to date with what he is doing now. There are clips and scenes, trailers and some personal footage to view plus galleries and loads of other information about this smooth stud. You can chat to him when hes on line and even follow his diet. And you also get to access the Bad Puppy network of sites.
    Trial: 7.95 Monthly: 24.95
  20. Giant Gay Cocks
    You will find six galleries at Giant Gay Cocks (standard sized men) and 20 or so feed sites that bring you everything from amateurs to porn stars. You can also access some bonus sites where there is some exclusive material and there are links to third party chat and dating sites. Although the site is disappointing, in that it doesnt keep its tour promises, it is easy to use and contains a feed for just about every genre.
    Trial: 1.85 Monthly: 29.99
  21. Blake Mason
    It has been a while since I was in Blake Mason (if you see what I mean!) so I am really looking forward to taking an up to date look at the site. It is still all about British amateur guys, it still has exclusive videos and a neat design, and it still looks as hot as ever. It contains content from After Hours as well as action with Blake and his buddies, and yet it has grown, become even more popular and is now an award winning site. But most of all: its crammed with hot Brit boys.
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 24.95
  22. Bear BFs
    All kinds of hairy hunks doing all kinds of sexy things is what Bears BFs is about; but it is also about several other sexy things. The content comes from real people, and you are told that as well as finding self-submit content, you can also submit your own. You've got the kind of content here that you might find on a Tube style site, or in a hook-up site, and the tour actually tells us that the content is stolen from such sites.
    Trial: 1.20 Monthly: 29.95
  23. Frat Fest
    I got myself a bit confused when I was looking at Frat Fest. The tour claims that the site has the hottest content in the world, and the members area claims there are 3,987 videos, but the site actually only has nine that I can find, and the sister site, Dude Dare doesn't have that many either. The Bonus area is a large DVD theatre/feed site so that's probably it, but as for the hottest content? It's a group of guys doing frat-house stuff, with gay sex involved.
    Trial: 1.29 Monthly: 39.95
  24. College BFs Exposed
    College BFs Exposed is part of the Gay Engage Network and it's a place you're either going to love or hate. If I were you Id take the tour promises with a bit of a pinch of salt as things are not always what they seem. What you've got here is a collection of amateur, homemade, self-submit style videos that feature guys of a college age, and some older and some younger, it's a real mix. And then you have some images and a huge set of other sites within the members' area.
    Trial: 1.29 Monthly: 29.95
  25. Hung Frat Boys
    You need to watch out here: you are offered a sign up for $1.00 and it is actually slightly more than that. You are promised thousands of this and tones of that and actually there are thousands of clips but they are non-exclusive and not all showing you Hung Frat Boys. This is one site in a large and growing network where there are stream only, variable quality, movie clips, a few photo sets and all kinds of amateur and studio made movies to view online.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.95
  26. Ribbed Beach BFs
    This site is about showing you real amateur home footage of sexy guys at or near the beach. Ripped Beach BFs shows us lots of photos on the tour, lots of images of sexy, tough and muscled guys hanging out in and out of swimwear. You get the idea that this is all home-shot amateur footage and a lot of it is, but not all. When you sign up you can access content from 16 sites, there are updates listed every day, and there is no doubt you get a lot of clips. But the quality is not wonderful.
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 39.95
  27. Ripped College BFs
    Ripper College BFs is one site in a set of 16 that come to you from Gay Engage, a network of non-exclusive, amateur, self-submit clips and pics. The theme of this site is, clearly, hunky and muscled college-aged dudes and they are found in short video clips, longer scenes, and self-shot photos inside a members' area that also gives you access to the content from the other sites. So, what you have here is a large and growing collection of amateur home-porn on various themes.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.95
  28. Southern Strokes
    Hot guys from the deep South are promised at Southern Strokes, a site that has been running for a few years now and one that keeps getting better and better. You've got horny straight acting guys, smooth jocks, amateur men, twinks and all up for some hard-cock fun in exclusive movies that are shot in high definition. There are interviews and chats with the guys so you get to know them, you can rate content, read about the guys and there are loads of ways to view movies.
    Trial: 19.95 Monthly: 26.95
  29. Bad Boys Films
    Richard makes his own movies and lets you access them in his site that is also part of the Bad Puppy network so once youre signed up you can access all their content too. You have the movies and photo galleries here but the site can be tricky to get around. Having said that the guys you see on the tour are indeed to be found in the members area and although there are some promises on the tour that the site doesnt quite live up to, you do get some well made movies inside.
    Trial: 7.95 Monthly: 24.95
  30. Xtra Inches
    Size matters at where you have all kinds of cool content based on the extra-big-dick theme. From the tour to the members area is an easy transition and one that you will want to take if you like hot gay sex featuring guys with big cocks. You have videos, pictures, amateur and professional models, comics, blogs and live cams. Something for everyone who doesnt suffer from penis envy but enjoys viewing sexy hunks with great chunks of meat.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 29.95