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Here's a new twist on the gay reality porn with real first timers receiving their first fucking, guys meeting for dates and then being filmed as the story unfolds, & other guys being paid to be fucked. A true reality gay porn site will have you believing that what you see is real and having you reaching for your dick too of course. These are the kinds of 'fly on the wall' sites that we like to find for you and these are the ones you'll find in our gay reality section.

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  1. Gay Rent Boys
    Here is a site with an original approach to youth porn. They find genuine rent boys, pay them to do their stuff and then film it for the site. It's all exclusive, it's well made and easy to use, it's new and off to a good start, there are galleries and there is also background and interesting information about the boys, and how the site works. You've also got some feeds to view and a neat set of bonus sites from a company that knows exactly what it is doing.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  2. Gay BF Sex
    Gay BF Sex is your way in to three sites that hold non-exclusive, home shot, homemade porn clips and images. This is the kind of content you would find on an adult tube site but here, once you are signed up and in, you don't find any restrictions and you can watch all of the 1,000 plus clips that the combination of sites holds. You must expect varied quality, but also hundreds of sexy young twinks showing off everything in solo and action clips that you can stream or download.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 34.95
  3. Gay Orgy XXX
    Here you have a collection of third party feeds that feature everything from bareback to soldiers. There are some reality sites with downloadable movies featuring guys first times. There are thousands of images and hundreds of video clips in many different genres but there is only a small amount of group or orgy scenes. Its worth a look for the amount and variety of the content which is hot, gay and good to view.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 39.95
  4. Gay Videos XXX
    At Gay Videos XXX you are promised hours of streaming hard-core movies from a whole load of different producers. The site is made up of feeds which open to bring you a variety of media players and categories of full on gay sex. There is everything here including pretty boys aged 18 and 19, bears, daddies, leather guys, uniforms and several other kinds of fetish too so what ever you like to view youre going to find something to get your juices flowing.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 39.95
  5. Rainbow VIP
    Its party time with hard-core twist over at Rainbow VIP where you are invited to view the candid movies and image galleries that feature guys having a wild old time on the way to and at the club. There is a mixture of guys who get down to some dirty sex backstage and in the Limo and if you like reality sites then this one comes with its main content and loads of other extras and bonuses too.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 24.95
  6. HS Boys
    HS Boys is a place to come for a large collection of all things hot and gay. As well as many third-party feed sites with varied content you are also treated to five bonus sites and here you'll find everything from twinks up to leather men. There are picture galleries with decent images that you can download, many video channels to view and there is some exclusive content in the bonus sites. Some of this content is also on offer as feeds elsewhere, but possibly you won't have seen all of it.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 0.00
  7. Gay P.O.V
    You know sometimes it's just you and your monitor, and sometimes that's all you need. Thanks to point of view (POV) sites such as Gay POV you can actually make believe that there is somebody else in the room with you. The content here is mainly filmed from your point of view, which means that once you've met the model you can then imagine that he is really going down on you. The quality of the videos is fine, the sound is good too and once you join this one site you access many more.
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 35.95
  8. Share Your Boyfriend
    You are really looking at a three-site deal when you sign up at Share Your Boyfriend. You also get access to the slightly bigger (and better) BoyNapped and But we are not here to look at them. We are here to tell you that Share Your Boyfriend is following recent trends for self-submitted content and Tube style set-ups. You've got real amateur guys apparently sending in their own footage of real amateur guys here, and you've got various ways to view it, and updates are promised.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95
  9. Next Door BFs
    When you sign up here you not only get to access Nextdoor BFs but you will also find access to Gay BF Sex and Homo Gay Sex. All three of these networked sites are about amateur, home video and image presentation, with manly younger guys showing off for their phones and cams. You get amateur content then, so don't expect huge HD movies, and you get real guys with real hard cocks and great bodies, and yet all have a boy next door feel and look to them.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 34.95
  10. Guys With Toys
    The really neat thing about Guys With Toys is that it isn't what you might think it is. Usually toy sites are all about one guy and his dildo, and that's it. This one is about two guys and toys well, there are several guys and several toys, but its action scenes with toys that makes this site different. You get a small stock of movies, but loads of extras, good galleries, bonuses, and an interactive console that makes using the site nice and easy.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 24.95
  11. My Gay Roommates
    Amateur looking guys in need of a room turn up at the apartment and are offered reduced rent in return for sexual favours. The webmaster catches it all on camera and puts up the exclusive videos and galleries for you to enjoy. Its hot gay sex with a reality feel. You also get to access bonus sites, feed sites and other interesting content in both gay and straight genres.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 24.95
  12. Boys That Gag
    Amateur looking guys who like slightly rougher than average gay sex are what is featured on this site. You have video episodes that you can view in a variety of ways, the quality is good, the guys are horny and the action is hard and fast. Most of it concerns oral sex with guys swallowing big dicks but it does move on to hard-core anal and facial cum shot scenes too. You can also access some reality bonus sites with more content and there are some other neat little features too.
    Trial: 3.95 Monthly: 34.95
  13. First Time Gay
    You have several hours of gay hard-core viewing waiting for you when you sign up for First Time Gay. There is a good collection of different kinds of videos that come at you in a good quality and in two kinds of players. The guys are varied too and all are horny in their own way. You also have thousands of images to view and download and some extras and bonus videos too. The whole site, though not exclusive, is easy to get around and fun to be a part of.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 38.76
  14. Cam Boy Secrets
    Cam Boy Secrets is the place you come to when you want to see what young guys get up to when they are home alone. This is a large collection of self-shot, amateur pics and videos made by lonely and bored guys who want to show off their cocks and bodies. They snap themselves in front of the mirror, or film themselves jerking off, then post them on tube sites and other places, then the guys here collect all those sexy snippets together and post them regularly in this members' area.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.95
  15. Ripped BF Videos
    Ripped BF Videos is one of the 492 Videos members' sites and in this case it's all about guys with muscles showing off on their own cams. These are amateur guys in home-shot clips and pics; the kind of thing you find on tube sites. This is not the largest site in the network and it's not always on target with its models, but your membership also lets you in to the other areas of 492 which hold all kinds of other amateur guys in self-submit style content.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 27.95
  16. Gay Asian XXX
    Gay Asian XXX contains three feed sites that provide Asian themed videos and images and a whole lot more that dont. You will find a large amount of varied content here but not a great deal of exotic Asian boys. The site is a collection of content provided by others sites which is generally good quality and streams easily. There are a few cute and hunky Asian dudes here and what limited niche content there is, is fine. Its a little bit of everything all in one place.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 39.95
  17. Gay Snowballs
    So far there are 18 original movies on this site and they all have the same fetish theme: cum swapping by mouth. One guy cums in another ones mouth and then the jizz is passed or dribbled back. The movies are coming in high definition soon so you can get even sharper cum swapping action and each one has a photo gallery with it. You also have full access to bonus sites, links to a lot of varied feeds and other little goodies too.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.97
  18. Straight Lads Exposed
    Straight Lads Exposed is one of those honest and upfront sites that all voyeurs really like to find. You've got here a site that shows only home footage, some clips from certain TV shows but not many, little clips taken on mobile phones and the like, and clips all about real amateur, ordinary lads doing daft things, usually with their dicks and asses. It's a kind of hang-out for the chavs and lads, and for all us pervy folk who like to see real straight-lad dick.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 15.00
  19. Spring Break Guys
    Here is a large collection of gay and bisexual feed sites that provide hard-core gay sex content in videos and image galleries. The tour suggests its a wild party site but there isnt actually very much of that material inside. What there is, is padded out with hundreds of live feeds, chat and dating sites, images and even some sites that allow you full access to the members area. A little bit of everything that is going a long way.
    Trial: 3.96 Monthly: 29.96
  20. Closet Cams
    Closet Camz takes a big collection of some of the better feed sites around and puts them all in one place for you to enjoy at your leisure. I'm not sure that the tour accurately reflects what you find inside but what you do get are thousands of streaming video clips, galleries and links to other sites all in one easy to use place. However, the members area looks and feels like a completely different site to the one that the tour seems to offer.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 39.95
  21. Rugger Bugger
    You've got to take your hat off to Rugger Bugger for its research and the way it spends all its time finding clips and shots of sportsmen flashing cocks, asses, bulges and bods. But then you might want to put it on again when you try and download videos as it looks like you have to pay extra for some. For photos, it's great, it's a huge collection of sportsmen pics that rivals the best of them. It could do with some additional functions and navigation tweaks, but otherwise it's great.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 39.95
  22. Sex BFs
    What we've actually got here is a set of three very similar sites, with some mixed and shared content, that are all about self-submit style videos and pictures. You will find that you can not only access Gay BF Sex with this membership but also Homo Gay Sex and Nextdoor BFs. Each of them can be opened individually within the members' area, all of them have videos you can stream and download, though these are clips and the quality is variable, and the content all can be arranged in various ways.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 34.95
  23. Never Sucked Cock
    Never Sucked Cock comes to you from the makers of sites such as Stroke Show. In fact, Never Sucked Cock is the same site as Stroke Show, but with a different title. Not so much of a problem if you've only come across this site for the first time, but if youve seen sites from this network, then the chances are you're going to see exactly the same thing here. And that is a large collection of third-party feed sides, with access to 5 bonus sides that have their own in-house content.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.96
  24. Pat And Sam
    You've got two ordinary guys making their own exclusive porn flicks and then putting them on their own site along with pics of their holiday and news of what's going on in their lives. You will either love it or hate it. If you like professional porn stars then this ain't for you but if you like real guys having a go then it is. It's a strange but interesting mixture of porn and shopping and well you'll just have to make up your own mind, I've not seen anything like it before!
    Trial: 0.00 Monthly: 15.00
  25. Crazy Gay Bus
    Take an old van and a couple of horny film makers then go out and search for someone young and cute to pick up and pay for sex and you have Crazy Gay Bus. It's not an original theme but it's a fun one and this is a new site so they may do something new with the theme one day. It's short on content at the moment but it's exclusive content and you also have access to nine other members areas so you can't grumble. What there is is well made and easy to access too.
    Trial: 0.00 Monthly: 29.95
  26. Stroke Show
    Here we go with another site that is made up totally of third-party feeds. On the one hand this is good for you if you're a first-time porn user and you don't know what you want to see. But on the other hand if you're looking for something exclusive and out of the ordinary, then this site probably is not for you. What you are sure to get is a large amount of content, and it is regularly updated. It's easy enough to find, and it's generally good quality.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.96
  27. Straight Wankers
    Thats a straightforward title if ever I saw one. The theme of this site is young straight guys playing with their sexuality. And, of course, that means playing with themselves, and sometimes each other. This site is relatively new so dont expect a huge amount of content here as yet but what there is is exclusive and there are links into other twink sites that you can view while you await more straight lads. There are some teething troubles with the site, but the general quality looks good.
    Trial: 8.95 Monthly: 29.95
  28. Hot Gay Porno
    Hot Gay Porn is simple and straightforward. You sign up and they give you over 100 gay sex video scenes, thousand of images, links to dating and chat sites and a good collection of feeds with other videos and images to enjoy. Its easy to get around, fast to load, there are good viewing options and if youre a first timer when it comes to viewing gay adult sites then this would be a good place to start your career.
    Trial: 4.99 Monthly: 24.95
  29. Homo Gay Sex
    Homo Gay Sex is a site that is all about real amateur guys in bareback movies and pics. But these are not studio shoots, these are home videos, user-submitted style content and they all come from tube sites and other places where young guys like to share their antics. You can sign up for a reasonable price, but watch out for pre-checked cross sales, and then you find you have access to three similar sites, all with amateur, homemade footage and photos.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 34.95
  30. Club Jason Sparks
    You've got three sites for one with this offer. Club Jason Sparks is where were signing in today, but from the members' area I can also access Dirty Boy Society and Jason Sparks Live. What were looking at is exclusive entertainment featuring some guys you may have already met at Falcon or Hot House, among other places. Great looking models, hot action scenes, simple navigation, galleries, and links to other sites of interest, plus the live shows.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95