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Here's a new twist on the gay reality porn with real first timers receiving their first fucking, guys meeting for dates and then being filmed as the story unfolds, & other guys being paid to be fucked. A true reality gay porn site will have you believing that what you see is real and having you reaching for your dick too of course. These are the kinds of 'fly on the wall' sites that we like to find for you and these are the ones you'll find in our gay reality section.

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  1. Dude Dare
    Dude Dare is new and it's going to be crazy. You're able to pick up from the tour exactly what kind of things go on in these exclusive movies, with ordinary guys from the street being paid to carry out dares. There is always something sexual involved and were promised the hottest straight action, which may be a bit over the top. But for sure you're going to see some wild things as straight guys from the streets agree to have gay sex, and get dildos and cocks in their ass for the first time.
    Trial: 1.29 Monthly: 39.95
  2. Dorm Boys
    In a nutshell: you will find streaming videos and image galleries on this site but none of them are exclusive. It is a big collection of feed sites and that is it. Great if you want a bit of everything but not very good if you want to see dorm boys. Oh, I thought that is what the site was about? Silly me - no. It is about getting you to sign up thinking you will see live cams 24/7 and other voyeur material with your membership. Read on to get the full story.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 39.95
  3. Gay Engage
    Gay Engage is a network of sites that is varied, non-exclusive, fun and easy enough to get around. It does have some issues, which well talk about later, and it is a bit over-priced for non-exclusive content; but then again it does have over 2,200 videos covering everything from twink sex to big black bears, so it's a good place to check out if you like, raw, amateur, streaming video clips and a wide variety of photos and studio DVDs.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.97
  4. Hung Boy Nextdoor
    I have to be honest with you; I am not sure about Hung Boy Next Door. On the face of it, it looks good, it offers all kinds of hot stuff, with amateur guys, home-shot pics and videos. But when you start to look at the detail you find that it's not very big, it is pretty costly, it's not exclusive, there are no downloads, there are not many photos, you cant find the things advertised on the tour and there is nothing interactive or particularly interesting about it. Read on for the full news.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.97
  5. First Gay Orgy
    Here you have a site that is a small part of a larger whole. Unfortunately that larger whole is a network of straight sites, but there are some other gay things to view and the content at First Gay Orgy will keep you interested for a while. The cast is mainly made up of European twink and shemales, there is a certain amount of cross dressing, plenty of oral and anal and a choice of viewing options for the full length or clipped scenes. There are photo sets too with very large images.
    Trial: 1.95 Monthly: 29.95
  6. Frat Fest
    I got myself a bit confused when I was looking at Frat Fest. The tour claims that the site has the hottest content in the world, and the members area claims there are 3,987 videos, but the site actually only has nine that I can find, and the sister site, Dude Dare doesn't have that many either. The Bonus area is a large DVD theatre/feed site so that's probably it, but as for the hottest content? It's a group of guys doing frat-house stuff, with gay sex involved.
    Trial: 1.29 Monthly: 39.95
  7. Straight Studs Exposed
    Straight Suds Exposed is a site that is made up of amateur clips and photos taken from all over the place. There are all kinds of guys in here, stripping off, taking their own videos and getting down to some hardcore with other guys. Its a bit of a mishmash of all kinds of stuff really, and it is part of the Gay Engage network of sites so you have 16 in total to browse around. You get to stream the movies and there are small galleries of photos per site, and the network updates.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.95
  8. Gay Ebony XXX
    Here is a small collection of ebony themed videos and galleries and a huge collection of everything else. Its all good quality mind you and its an easy site to navigate. If you like a good mix of cute guys, bears, studs, hard-core and even toons then youre in for a treat. You could spend hours viewing all the content which streams online in a variety of speeds. There are also daily updates and good search facilities so youre bound to find something you like in here.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 39.95
  9. Gay Oral Hardcore
    Theres a great tour which tempts you to sign up for the great action inside, which then turns out to be eight videos in clips that you can stream or download. They do feature oral sex though, but then so do most gay hardcore videos. But all is not lost there is also access to a set of other sites that have more, and varied hot action with sexy guys. It maybe a small site at the moment but there is enough bonus, extra and third party feed content to keep you sticking with it for a while.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 34.95
  10. Rough Bareback Sex
    There are 16 videos to enjoy here and they all feature bareback sex. There are young Asian guys and some horny older white guys going at it with not a rubber in sight. The videos can be viewed on line or downloaded and there are also loads of feed sites with streaming videos to watch. You get access to many other sites with your membership so there is value for money and the whole thing is easy to navigate and use.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.97
  11. Big Gay Apple
    There are many things to click and view on this site and the most important one is the access to the Bad Puppy Network where you will find years worth of gay porn, sites, feeds and content. As for the Big Apple side of things, well you have TV style shows and videos, stills from the shows, some porn videos, downloadable MPEG clips, blogs and links to all kind of other things in a magazine style layout.
    Trial: 7.95 Monthly: 24.95
  12. My Twink Bitch
    Coming at you with access to 15 other sites and lots of promises, My Twink Bitch looks like a fun and horny site to check out. There are some pitfalls with it, and the other sites that you get to access, so you need to read everything here before deciding if you are going to join. There is the promise of frequent and regular updates, loads of amateur and studio produced porn scenes, thousands of clips and photos. It's a growing network, but will it grow on you?
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.95
  13. Staight Butt Broke
    You are looking at the Gay Engage Network here and Straight But Broke is just one of the collections of non-exclusive videos and pics that you can access when you sign up. The price is a bit high considering this is all stream only and third party content, brought in from other sites for your entertainment. But on the plus side, there is a lot of it and there are 13 sites in the network to entertain you. Mainly here we are looking at a collection of hazings and straight looking men.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.95
  14. Twinks First Timers
    Dont be put off by this as there is a lot to be gained from joining this site, but it is a bit of a mish-mash. Yes there are twinks, there are videos and galleries, there are feed sites, games and other little extras, but some of the content comes from Twinky Bottoms, which is presumably connected, and most of your content comes by way of feed sites and bonuses. There isn't a huge amount of original twink material in the main pages, but there is loads of everything else in the extras.
    Trial: 39.95 Monthly: 39.95
  15. Dorm Boy Secrets
    Dorm Boy Secrets is a bit of an odd beast. It is a site that offers many hot things but delivers things which are not advertised. There are several sites open to you when you sign up and it is relatively easy to jump from one site to the next; the content is all amateur, self-shot or non-exclusive and it is not in any way only about college guys. Even within the college boy themed sites there are older men. There are streams only, only 50 photos but masses of general, amateur style videos.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.97
  16. Alex Dark
    Alex Dark is a good looking lad, there is no denying that, but if it wasnt for the bonus sites that you get as a member youd been fast complaining about the amount of content on his site. Six videos and 20 galleries is not a large count at all, and there isn't much by way of update news. The galleries dont hold many pics, the videos are only 10 minutes in length and youve really got to be a fan to stay here for any longer than a short, trial membership.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 24.83
  17. Real Latin Hunks
    If you have a thing for hot and hung, smooth Latinos, and if you have a real big thing for amateur guys, then you might like to consider a membership to Real Latin Hunks. This is one of the sites in the Gay Engage network of 16 amateur and home-spun porn sites, there is lots of non-exclusive content, the promise of regular updates and plenty of variety. There are also a few drawbacks as you will see when you read on, but the network is still worth checking out.
    Trial: 1.19 Monthly: 39.95
  18. Military Men Live
    Oh dear. I really hate it when a site makes promises it doesnt keep and, sadly, thats exactly what this one does. Read on and you will get the full brunt of my thoughts on Military Men Live but the bottom line is that there arent any. Not live at any rate. You have a collection of galleries some of which have military guys and you have 15 movies taken from web casts of the past. You have three live channels that dont seem to have any people performing and you have a lot of missing pages.
    Trial: 0.00 Monthly: 29.95
  19. Gay Sex Show
    Gay Sex Show is a site that is made up of many different feed sites. They dont provide their own original gay sex content but what they do is put the best of what they can find into one place for you. There are a few interactive features so you can personalise your members area and there is certainly a lot of hot and varied content to be viewed. From cute pretty guys to mature bears youll find it all here in videos and image galleries.
    Trial: 3.96 Monthly: 29.96
  20. Gay Blind Date Sex
    The main thrust of gay Blind Date is that two strangers meet, go for a date and then get filmed having full on hard-core gay sex afterwards. There are hours of this and other reality content in the site that also features many and varied feed sites. There are regular updates with news about whats coming soon, there are image galleries too and links to other sites of interest. Its a good collection, everything works properly technically speaking and you get whats promised on the tour.
    Trial: 4.95 Monthly: 39.95
  21. Felched
    When you enter the members area at Felched you come straight into the content: there are 47 episodes with galleries here, and they all feature amateur, reasonably sexy, guys in bareback and cream-pie action. This is not safe sex and only try to at home of you know what youre doing. The site has set out to fill a missing niche in the market, the specialized act of felching, and it has achieved this. The quality of productions is fine, the images are good too and the site is easy to navigate.
    Trial: 2.95 Monthly: 29.95
  22. Gay XXX Orgy
    Gay XXX Orgy is part of the Gaykey network so you know that a) youre in for some quality shows, b) you will get what you are promised and c) you will be able to access all the sites in the network. So, thats value for money assured. What you will also find here is the networks collection of orgy and threesome scenes and galleries with several other shared extras too. Plenty of content, good quality vids and pics and good customer service. Go on, dive in to the scrum.
    Trial: 23.95 Monthly: 23.95
  23. Gay Bareback Gangbangs
    Gay Bareback Gangbangs is actually a megasite; a place where you can access all the sites and content provided by Rainbow Pimps. This means you get a lot of porn but what you will find is not all gangbang material. Look beyond that though and you will find hours of hardcore entertainment that is well put together varied and, when you consider there are 15 sites for the price of one, you get great value too.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.97
  24. Martins Life
    I love coming back to view this site, it is so tacky! Sorry Martin but you do a great job and we love the sleaze. We love some of the boys too but Im sure this site was once your hobby and not your life. Enjoy it folks, this site is one of a kind! You will find 52 unique videos and 54 photo galleries/screen shots and no updates since sometime back in 2007. This is the site that time forgot (or someone got bored with) but what there is here might amuse you for a while.
    Trial: 6.95 Monthly: 28.95
  25. Gays Voyeur
    Heres another site from the same producers as the likes of Martins Life. You may know the gang. They have a habit of not updating their sites and of putting up homemade content that is fine on the one hand but a bit dodgy on the other. This site contains 35 videos and 33 photo sets (based on those videos) of real guys caught on cam doing real things. Its not a top class site by any means but it does have exclusive content, some of which is rewarding.
    Trial: 6.95 Monthly: 28.95
  26. Straight Guys Are Broke
    Straight Guys Are Broke takes what is recently become a very common theme in the world of gay porn. The idea here is that ordinary and amateur straight guys from the street need a bit of extra cash, they are persuaded to come to the studio to make some porn, and then they're told that it is going to be gay porn. What you end up with here are some exclusive movies that feature some decent looking straight guys having gay sex for the first time.
    Trial: 1.00 Monthly: 29.97
  27. 1st Gay Experience
    Here's a site for everyone who loves to see straight and gay guys getting it on together. At 1st Gay Experience you are promised the chance to see genuine, first-time cock sucking and ass fucking action. The videos here are exclusive. You have good viewing options, and once you gain access to this site, you get access to the entire Gay Porn Access network. You are basically getting 100 sites for the price of one and many of these sites are in the reality niche.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 29.70
  28. Circle Jerk Boys
    Circle Jerk Boys prides itself on finding genuine straight guys and then persuading them to appear in all kinds of horny videos. You will find solo jerk off sessions here, two straight guys jacking off next to each other, and groups of guys in a classic circle jerk. And you'll also find hard-core, straight on straight boy, action. Updates are regular, viewing options are good, there are loads of photographs and over 300 exclusive videos so far.
    Trial: 9.95 Monthly: 29.95
  29. Boys Gone Bad
    Boys Gone Bad is a mix of hardcore fantasy and soft-core general interest videos. You'll find real guys filmed in real locations sunbathing, partying and having a ball and then you'll find indoor shoots with guys simply balling. There are various viewing choices, screen cap galleries accompany the videos and there are some neat extras and bonuses too. But there's no real update news and were not sure if the site will be adding new content.
    Trial: 9.95 Monthly: 29.95
  30. Gay POV
    Gay POV has a simple set up and is a simple site. Its not got a huge amount of content as yet but it comes with bonus access to Gay4Cash to help boost your value for money. But what it does have is good quality and on topic and the theme here is guys filming themselves having sex. The sex is hardcore and takes you from blow jobs to anal to cum shots and its all exclusive too. You've got a good choice of viewing resolutions and good quality galleries.
    Trial: N/A Monthly: 24.95